A Detailed Guide On How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

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Cropped wide-leg pants are making a comeback, but they’re not for everyone. If you want to know more about Cropped wide-leg pants, this post is for you! 

If you want to wear them in 2024, you should consider your body type and know the tricks of styling these pants correctly.

If you have the right body type, then there are ways in which these pants can make a great addition to any wardrobe.


1. Know Your Body Type

If you’re choosing a cropped wide leg pant, the first step is to know your body type.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

You need to identify if you have an hourglass figure, pear shape, or rectangle shape so that you’ll know what kind of cropped wide leg pants will flatter your figure and make it look its best.

Also consider how tall or short you are: If you’re short then cropped wide leg pants may not be ideal for you because they can make legs look shorter. If this is the case then try a skinny or straight cut instead.

It’s also important to know the most flattering color palette for each body type so that when shopping for new clothes in 2022, pick out colors that will help improve your appearance without making any parts of your body appear worse than before!

For example: someone with curves should wear darker shades like black because those colors help create an illusion of smaller waistlines while lighter colors such as white might actually accentuate their hips too much by making them look larger than they really are (even though this person may not have large hips at all).


2. Choose Your Pants Carefully

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

The first thing you need to do is choose your pants carefully. Wear the ones that are comfortable and fit well, but also make sure they’re appropriate for the occasion.

If it’s a casual event and you’re going to be sitting around most of the time, maybe jeans would work better than cropped pants.

On top of all that, don’t forget about your own body type—do you have a long torso?

If so, then cropped wide leg pants may not sit right on your hips because they will probably be too short in the crotch area and draw attention to that part of your body (which isn’t necessarily flattering).


3. Take advantage of your height

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

In order to wear cropped wide-leg pants, you need to make sure that your height is in proportion with the length of your pants.

If you’re tall, this won’t be a problem!

But if you’re short, it’s best to steer clear from these pants unless they are very high-waisted or have some sort of detail (like a slit) at the bottom that helps elongate your legs.

Shorter women – even those who are just above average height – can still wear cropped wide-leg pants by pairing them with heels or wedges.

This will make it look like you’re taller than you really are because the hemline of the pant comes up to your ankle bone rather than hitting below it.


4. Wide-leg cropped pants are stylish on taller women.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

If you’re tall and have legs for days, cropped wide-leg pants are a great pick for you.

They can help elongate your figure and create a flattering silhouette.

You can wear them with just about anything that isn’t too long or bulky—even though they’re cropped, the wide legs will keep things from getting too tight or problematic.

And don’t worry if you like to wear heels on occasion; these pants are still going to look good with them!


5. If you’re petite, wear your tuck-in tops with a high waist.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

The cropped wide-leg pant is one of the hottest trends for spring and summer 2020.

However, if you are on the shorter side, it can be hard to find pants that fit.

High-waisted pants are perfect for petite women because they make you look taller and they flatter your figure by highlighting your curves.

A wide leg pant can easily be worn as both a dress or top as well; so go ahead and buy yourself two pairs!


6. Wear high or low heels

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

  • If you’re looking to project an elegant and sophisticated vibe, heels are a great choice. With high heels, your legs can appear longer and more slender. You’ll also look taller and more toned in the chest area—perfect if you’re wearing cropped wide-leg pants with a fitted top that’s meant to show off those curves!
  • Heels will also make your calves look muscular, giving them definition and helping them pop out from under the hem of your pants. This is especially important if you want to wear cropped wide-leg pants with bare legs underneath (eek!) or simply need something extra to distract from those calves when it comes time for holiday photos with family members who always ask why we don’t see each other enough these days.


7. Go with a flowy top.

When you’re wearing cropped wide-leg pants, your top should be loose and flowy.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

You don’t want it to be too tight because it will draw attention away from your legs. You also don’t want it to be too big or baggy either; that would look sloppy and unflattering on you.

It’s best to wear a top that’s somewhere in between tight and loose with these pants because they’re meant to make the most of your figure while still showcasing an effortless vibe.

It’s also important to keep in mind how long of a top you want to wear with these pants.

For example, if they’re cropped high on your hipbone then it would look strange if they were paired with a super short blouse; on the other hand don’t go too long either because that might create an unflattering silhouette.


8. If you’re curvy, look for high-rise and flared pants.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

If you’re curvy, look for high-rise and flared pants.

Some of the best cropped wide leg pants are made with a higher rise that prevents unwanted butt cleavage, but also gives your body a more flattering shape.

If you have fuller hips and thighs, flared styles will help balance out your silhouette.

Flared styles are also more comfortable than straight-leg or skinny jeans since they aren’t as clingy and don’t create any unnecessary friction in the crotch area when you walk or sit down.


9. Tuck in your shirt if you want to wear wide-leg cropped pants to work.

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

If you want to wear cropped wide-leg pants to work, tuck in your shirt. If you don’t want to tuck in your shirt, wear a high-waisted pant.

The look of the shirt tucked into tight pants is very “fashion editor at Vogue” and not so much “office professional.”

If you’re going for the former look, go for it! But if your workplace has a dress code or conservative dress standards (especially if they’re male-dominated), then avoid it at all costs.

Be aware of how wide your pants are. Cropped wide-leg pants look best with a hemline that hits just below the ankle and flares out into a wider bell shape.

If the pant is too baggy, it will look like you’re wearing a pair of your mom’s old jeans.


10. Accessorize With Care

 How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants

Accessories are key to making your outfit look more polished and put together. But like all things, they don’t come without a price tag.

You want to make sure that the money you’re spending on these accessories is well spent and will enhance your outfit in some way—and not just make it look like there’s an extra person in your photo shoot.

If you’re thinking of buying expensive jewelry or a pricey purse, make sure it’s worth the investment by doing more research online or talking with friends whose style you admire about what they think would work best for you.

These items should be able to do double duty for multiple outfits (as in, one day I wore them with jeans and another day I wore them with dressy pants) so that when their time comes around again next year at least one person will still recognize them because of how well-loved they’ve been since last season came out!



We hope you’ve found this guide useful for wearing cropped wide-leg pants in 2024.

As we mentioned, there are many ways to rock this style.

You can choose from different cuts and colors to create your own unique look.

The important thing is that you feel confident in whatever style you choose because that will show through in everything from the way you walk down the street to how well an outfit fits on your body.

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