Are Bermuda Shorts in Style in 2024?-Detailed Answer

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Bermuda shorts are the perfect choice for summer.

They’re lightweight, they keep you cool, and they’re super cute!

You can wear them with a t-shirt or tank top to keep it casual, or pair them with a button-down and some sandals for a more sophisticated look.

But… are Bermuda shorts in style in 2024?

That’s what we wanted to find out! So we did some research, and here’s what we found out:


What do Bermuda shorts look like?

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

These shorts have a wide, elastic waistband and are made of lightweight cotton.

They are generally cut above the knee, but can also be worn shorter or longer.

They are a great choice for warm-weather activities, as they keep you cool and comfortable.


A short history of Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are a casual, comfortable style that originated in Bermuda.

They were originally worn by sailors who worked on boats, and they were meant to be easy to move around in.

The shorts became a standard part of the uniform for many soldiers in World War II.

Since then, they’ve been popular with all kinds of people, from surfers to rock stars.


5 Features of Bermuda shorts

Bermuda shorts are a classic piece of summer clothing. They’re lightweight, durable, and easy to wear. But what makes them so special? Here are five features that make Bermuda shorts so great:

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

1) The fabric is durable and breathable.

2) They can be worn in the water or on dry land (and even in the pool!)

3) They’re comfortable enough to sleep in if you want!

4) They can be worn with almost any kind of shirt or top—or none at all!

5) They’re perfect for those hot summer days when you want something cool but still need to look good


Are Bermuda Shorts in Style in 2024?

Bermuda shorts have been a staple of summer fashion for decades. But are they still in style in 2024?

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

The answer is a resounding yes! Think about it: Bermuda shorts are comfortable, stylish, and versatile. They can be worn with almost any type of shoe and with just about any top. They’re perfect for the beach or poolside, but they also look great when paired with a blazer at an outdoor event—and they transition seamlessly from day to night.

They’re also easy to care for: just wash them in cold water and hang them up to dry inside out (or launder them if you prefer). And if you want to get a little more creative with your Bermuda shorts, there are plenty of ways to do so without compromising their style or comfortability.

So go ahead and stock up on your favorite pair today—they’ll never go out of style!


Why are Bermuda shorts still so popular?

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

Bermuda shorts have been around since the 1920s, but they haven’t gone out of style yet. Why is that? I think there are a few reasons:

First, they’re easy to wear—you can throw them on for a day at the beach or for a picnic in the park with friends. They also work well as a casual getup for going out at night or for a night out on the town. And even if you don’t have plans to go anywhere special, a pair of Bermuda shorts will always make you look good when paired with an over-sized t-shirt and flip-flops.

Second, they’re comfortable! Jeans can be stiff and restrictive, while khakis are often too formal for summertime lounging around. But Bermuda shorts fall somewhere in between those two styles: they’re loose-fitting enough that they won’t restrict your movement but still look good when paired with other clothes such as button-downs or polo shirts (which can also be worn during the day).

Thirdly, they come in many different colors and styles so that everyone has something to choose from. For example, there are classic white and khaki shorts that can be worn with just about anything in your closet. But there are also more adventurous colors like red or blue which can spice up the outfit a little bit.


5 tips for wearing Bermuda Shorts in 2024

1. Consider the hem length

You may have heard that the shorter the hem length, the more formal your shorts are. In other words, if your Bermuda shorts have a short or mid-length hem, they’re more likely to be worn during an evening out than in another situation.

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

This is true because long hems on men’s shorts are generally reserved for more casual occasions such as backyard barbecues.

As for women’s Bermuda Shorts? These will most often fall somewhere between these two options: slightly above the knee or just above it on one side with a longer hem on the other side (think of them as half-and-half).

In general though:

  • The longer your height is compared with yours torso length (the distance from shoulder to waist), then you can afford yourself some leeway when choosing what kind of length Bermuda Shorts will suit you best. For example: if you’re tall but with short arms and legs like me, then having those peeking out underneath my Bermudas won’t look too strange; however if I were 6’5″ tall but had short legs relative to my height – well then no way would I go anywhere near wearing anything even remotely resembling shorts!


2. Find the right silhouette

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

The silhouette of a pair of Bermudas is another important factor to consider when shopping for your first pair.

While they may look similar at a distance, Bermudas come in many different styles, from slim-fit to relaxed.

Slim-fit Bermudas are the most flattering for men with a slim body type and can be worn with either boat shoes or Converse sneakers.

Relaxed Bermudas are more comfortable than their slimmer counterparts, but they don’t offer as much support—and if you wear them without socks, you risk chafing between the legs (a common problem among men who opt for this style).


3. Pick a comfortable fabric

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

  • Cotton is a great fabric for shorts because it breathes well and is naturally lightweight. It also holds up to wear, so you’ll have a pair of shorts that will last longer than their fast-fashion counterparts.
  • Denim is a good option if you’re looking for the traditional look, but avoid heavy denim (like jeans) as they are too stiff and can cause chafing on long walks or hikes.
  • Avoid polyester and silk—both retain moisture and don’t breathe well at all. They’re good for casual wear around town, but not something you’d want to wear for any extended period of time outside in hot weather. They’ll just make your legs feel clammy and sticky with sweat!


4. Choose a neutral color

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

When choosing which color of Bermuda shorts to wear, it’s important to keep your audience in mind.

For example, if you’re attending a wedding and want to make sure that the bride and groom are happy with your attire, try something on the more conservative side (a dark blue or green).

If you’re headed out for happy hour with friends after work, though, feel free to get wild (think neon orange or red).

Remember: no matter what kind of event you’re attending, neutrals are always safe options.

Some examples include black, white/cream/khaki/beige (aka earth tones), navy blue and browns of all shades.


5. Style your look with accessories and other pieces

Are Bermuda Shorts in Style

In addition to your outfit, accessories can also be a great way to add color and texture to your outfit.

A hat is an excellent way of adding style without being too over the top.

You can choose from many different styles, from fedoras and baseball caps, to Panama hats and even wide-brimmed fedoras if you’re feeling particularly adventurous!

If you’re looking for something more subtle than a hat, then perhaps a pair of sunglasses will do the trick.

There are so many different brands out there that it might be hard to decide which ones are right for you but don’t worry—we’ve got our eye on some great choices that’ll fit right in with this summer’s hottest trends!



We hope you enjoyed learning about Bermuda shorts, and that you’ll consider carrying them in your store! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

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