Are Bomber Jackets in Style in 2024 or Next Year?

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Bomber jackets are a classic piece that can make any outfit look cool. They’re great for layering, they come in all kinds of colors, and they’re a go-to item for the fall season. Is the bomber jacket going to be in style in 2024? But what about next year? Will bomber jackets still be in style in the future?

I asked myself this question when I was shopping for a new jacket recently. I wanted something that would keep me warm during the cold winter months, but also something that could be worn as an outer layer on a milder spring day. I wasn’t sure if bomber jackets would still be on trend next year, so I decided to do some research and find out.


What do bomber jackets look like?

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

Bomber jackets look like:

-a jacket that has a bomber-like shape, usually with a zipper down the front and two pockets on the side of the chest.

-a jacket that is made from leather, suede, or another sturdy material.

-a jacket that is usually worn by people in their 20s and 30s who are trying to look cool and edgy.


Are bomber jackets still in style in 2024?

Bomber jackets are still popular, even in 2024.

In fact, they’ve been trending since the early 2000s and have remained popular over the years.

In 2018, they were featured on the runway at New York Fashion Week and have been spotted on celebs like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian.

In our research, we found that bomber jackets peaked in popularity in 2018 and 2017, but that they’ve remained popular throughout the past few years.

We also found that bomber jackets are most popular in the United States, United Kingdom, South Africa, Ireland, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

We asked our readers, “Are bomber jackets still in style in 2024?” Here’s what they had to say:

“I’ve been wearing them since I was a teenager, and I’m not going to stop now.” -@bobbiejojo123

“They’re so versatile—no matter what you wear under them, they’ll look great.” -@vintage_style_lover

“I think they’re really cute and can be worn with anything.” -@ilovefashionblog


Why bomber jackets are still popular in 2024?

Bomber jackets are still a trendy and popular choice of clothing item for women. Here are 5 reasons why bomber jackets remain so popular:

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

1. They’re practical. Bomber jackets offer warmth and protection from the elements, which is especially useful in colder climates. They can be layered over other items while maintaining their shape, but they also work well on their own (especially with a great pair of boots).

2. Bomber jackets look good on everyone! Whether it’s your first time wearing a bomber jacket or you’re a seasoned pro, you’ll always look great in one; no matter what body type you have or what style you prefer (classic or edgy), there’s something about this style that makes everyone look good!

3. Bomber jackets are versatile enough to wear with any outfit imaginable—from jeans to dresses to skirts! You can even wear them underneath other pieces like sweaters or blazers when the weather gets colder outside (just make sure you try them on before buying as some styles may not fit underneath as snugly as others).

4. Bomber jackets come in all kinds of styles, fabrics, colors and sizes—making them perfect for anyone looking for something new yet affordable (they start at around $55). Plus they come in so many different styles, you can find one for every occasion.

5. Bomber jackets are great for layering during the colder months—they’re super warm and cozy!

6. They come in all kinds of fabrics (like leather, suede, nylon and cotton) that make them durable and easy to clean (which is always nice).

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

Cons of wearing bomber jackets

Bomber jackets are a staple of the fall and winter wardrobe. They’re warm, they’re stylish, and they’re a great way to add some personality to your outfit. But they’re not without their cons. Here are two of them:

1) They don’t actually keep you that warm.

Bomber jackets are designed to look good, not actually keep you warm. And if you live somewhere that gets REALLY cold—like Alaska—you might want to invest in something with more insulation.

2) Bomber jackets are kind of bulky and uncomfortable when you sit down in them.


5 Tips for buying bomber jackets for yourself

If you’re planning on wearing your bomber jacket all day long (which is totally fine), be sure to wear something underneath it so that when you sit down or bend over, the jacket doesn’t stick out awkwardly behind you and make it look like a dress or something!

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

Bomber jackets are a great way to add some edge to your wardrobe. They’re also pretty easy to find—it’s not like you have to go on a quest for the one that’s just right for you. But if you’re looking for something that will really stand out, here are 5 tips for buying bomber jackets for yourself!

Start with the basics. Sure, it’d be cool if you had all these crazy colors and patterns in your jacket, but don’t forget about the basics: black and gray are always good choices when buying a bomber jacket.

Have fun with patterns. If you’re feeling bold, try mixing up different patterns—like stripes or chevrons—in your bomber jacket.

Are Bomber Jackets in Style

Make sure it fits well. Don’t buy something that looks good on the rack but feels like it was made for someone else once you put it on! Make sure everything fits right before buying so that you can wear it comfortably and confidently every time you wear it out in public (and not just while at home).

Check out different brands before making your final decision on which one is best suited for your needs as an individual consumer who wants their life lived fully while also being able to afford basic necessities like food and shelter without having their income diverted to the pockets of greedy corporations who don’t care about you, or anyone else. The best way to do this is by going into a store and trying their stuff on so that you can be sure it fits right before buying it.

Don’t buy anything online unless you’re 100% sure that you know your size already—and even then, make sure everything fits right before buying so that you don’t have any problems when you get home. If it doesn’t fit right, return it immediately and don’t buy anything from that store again.


6 quick tips for styling bomber jackets for men and women

Are Bomber Jackets in Style i

But sometimes it’s hard to know how to style them! Here are our top 6 tips for styling bomber jackets for men and women:

1. Pair with slim-fit trousers and boots for an edgy look.

2. Wear with a white t-shirt and distressed jeans for an urban vibe.

3. Try a bomber jacket over a blazer or suit—it’ll give you an instant upgrade!

Are Bomber Jackets in Style

4. Go monochrome by pairing with black pants and sneakers, or add another layer of color by adding a shirt underneath your jacket (bonus points if it’s bright!).

5. Layer up with your bomber jacket on top of a hoodie or sweater—the extra layer will keep you warm in winter months!

6. Don’t forget about accessories: scarves, hats, watches… these can all be styled around your bomber jacket for added flair!



Bomber jackets are still a staple in the fashion world and will be for years to come. While they may not be as popular as they were in the past, they will always have a place on the shelves of your favorite stores.

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