Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2024?-Quick Answer

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Fashion is a crazy thing. It’s hard to keep up with trends and know what’s going to be in style next year or even next month. But we can all agree that one thing that has been trending for over a decade now is the cropped hoodie.

So, are cropped hoodies still in style in 2024 or will they be in the coming future? That’s what we’re here to answer today!

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

About cropped hoodies

If you’re looking to add a cropped hoodie to your wardrobe, there are plenty of great options out there. In fact, the best thing about cropped hoodies is that they can work with just about any style.

So what do cropped hoodies look like? Well, they’re pretty much exactly what they sound like: a hoodie with the bottom part removed. So if you’ve got a standard long-sleeved shirt on and want to add some warmth around your neck and shoulders without having to wear another layer, then this is the perfect option for you!

They come in all different colors, which means you can find one that matches perfectly with whatever outfit you want to wear it with. They also come in all different sizes—from small up through extra-large—so no matter what size or shape of body you have, there will be a cropped hoodie that fits you perfectly!

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

Are cropped Hoodies still in style in 2024?

You might be surprised to hear that, despite the fact that cropped hoodies have been out of style for a few years now, people are still wearing them.

The reason for this is simple: because people like them. And there’s nothing wrong with that! If you’re comfortable in your own skin and you like what you’re wearing, then by all means keep wearing it!

But if you’ve been wondering whether or not cropped hoodies are still in style, here’s what we have to say: no. They aren’t. But that’s okay! You can still wear whatever makes YOU feel good without worrying about what other people think.

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

But I also hear some different voices:

Well… YES! If you’ve been following fashion trends lately, it seems like the answer might be yes—especially if you’re going for an edgy look.

But if you’re looking for something more casual and comfortable, then your best bet is probably to stick with full-length hoodies instead of cropped ones.


Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

We’re going to tell you why cropped hoodies are still popular in 2024:

1. Trendy

A cropped hoodie is a must-have item for any fashionista. It’s one of the most stylish pieces you can wear on a day-to-day basis, and it can take your entire outfit from casual to classy with ease.


2. Versatile

Cropped hoodies are incredibly versatile, meaning that they work well with almost everything else in your closet. You can pair them with jeans for a laidback look or with a skirt for something more feminine.


3. Comfortable

They’re also incredibly comfortable! They offer all of the warmth of a full-length hoodie without the bulkiness, making them perfect for layering on chilly days or wearing in bed when it’s too hot under the covers but not quite warm enough to get out yet either.

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

4. Versatile again!

And speaking of versatility again…they look great on everyone! Cropped hoodies come in many different styles and colors so whether you want to try something new or stick with what works best for your body type there’s definitely something out there that will make both your body and your wardrobe happy!


5. Affordable

They’re also really affordable! You can find cropped hoodies for as low as $20 (USD) but if you want something a little more high-end you can always spend up to $300 (USD) on one.


Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

Cons of wearing cropped Hoodies

1. They’re not always easy to match

Cropped hoodies are a great way to show off your waistline and legs, but you have to be careful what you pair them with. A cropped hoodie might look good with jeans and boots, but you should avoid pairing it with high-waisted pants or skirts. This can make the cropped hoodie look shorter than it really is, which means that it won’t compliment your shape as well as it could.


2. They can make you look taller than you really are

The only problem with cropped hoodies is that they can make you look taller than you really are if they’re too long on top and short on the bottom. If this happens, try wearing heels or platform shoes with flats (like ballet flats) so that they cover more of your foot while still being appropriate for the occasion at hand!

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

3. You don’t always want everyone to see your stomach

If this is something that bothers you (and it shouldn’t), then consider wearing a longer shirt underneath a cropped hoodie so that no one sees anything other than the top part of your outfit instead of everything else underneath!


5 Tips for buying cropped Hoodies for yourself

If you’re looking to buy a cropped hoodie for yourself, you’ve probably noticed that there are tons of options out there. The search can feel overwhelming—but don’t worry! We’re here to help.

We’ve compiled our top five tips for buying cropped hoodies for yourself below. We hope they’ll help you find the perfect one!

1. Try on as many styles as possible in person. You’ll be able to see how different cuts and fabrics will look on your body, and you’ll also get an idea of what colors might suit you best. If you can’t find anything in-person, try shopping online with a return policy so that if something doesn’t work out, you can send it back and try again!

2. Think about what kind of cropped hoodie will suit your needs best: Are you going to wear it mostly under jackets? Do you need something more fitted or looser? And think about the types of activities that are most important for this piece: Do you want something lightweight for warmer weather, or something heavier for colder weather? These things should all factor into what kind of hoodie works best for your lifestyle and preferences!

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

3. Consider what kind of material you want your cropped hoodie to be made out of: Do you need something that will keep you warm in the winter months? Or are you just looking for a lightweight piece that can handle warmer weather? These things should all factor into what kind of hoodie works best for your lifestyle and preferences!

4. Consider the fit of your cropped hoodie: Do you want something loose and baggy, or something that is more fitted? These things should all factor into what kind of hoodie works best for your lifestyle and preferences!

5. Consider how you want to wear your cropped hoodie: Do you want something that is more of a casual piece of clothing? Or do you want something that can be worn on its own or layered with other pieces? These things should all factor into what kind of hoodie works best for your lifestyle and preferences!

Are Cropped Hoodies Still in Style in 2023

7 quick tips for styling cropped Hoodies in 2024

1. Wear cropped hoodies with high-waisted pants.

2. Pair cropped hoodies with a dress or skirt for a casual look.

3. Wear cropped hoodies with high-waisted jeans or shorts for a relaxed vibe.

4. Layer cropped hoodies over vests, sweaters and button-down shirts for a cozy vibe.

5. Pair cropped hoodies with shorts and sneakers for an athletic look that’s perfect for running errands around town!

6. Layer cropped hoodies under blazers and coats to add some warmth when the weather turns chilly in the fall and winter months!

7. Try pairing cropped hoodies with your favorite pair of leggings for an easy outfit that looks both stylish and comfortable!



We’re not sure what’s going to happen in 2024, but we’re pretty sure cropped hoodies are going to be all the rage.

They’re so comfortable, and it’s not hard to see why this trend has been so popular for the past few years. There are plenty of ways to wear them—as a dress or skirt, as leggings, or even just as a shirt under a sweater.

What do you think? Are you all about cropped hoodies? Are they still going strong in 2024?

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