Are Joggers Still In Style In 2024?Should You Buy One?

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The jogger pant is a clothing trend that has been around since the 80s.

You probably remember them from your middle school days, and you can probably picture someone in your life wearing them right now.

But what about in 2024? Are joggers still in style?

That’s what we’re going to find out.


What do jogger pants look like?

Are Joggers Still In Style

Jogger pants are pants that are designed to be worn when you’re exercising.

Joggers have an elastic waistband, which means they’re comfortable and easy to put on, but they also have a drawstring at the top of the waistband so you can adjust them for a perfect fit.

Joggers usually have deep pockets on the sides to hold your keys or phone while you work out.

Are Joggers Still In Style

They come in lots of different styles: some are made from cotton, others are made from nylon or polyester blends. Some look like regular jeans; others have stretchy materials sewn into them so they’ll hug your body without restricting movement. You can find jogger pants in lots of different colors and patterns, too!

Jogger pants make it easy to stay active without worrying about having to change clothes after every workout.


What’s the difference between joggers and sweatpants?

Are Joggers Still In Style

The difference between joggers and sweatpants is more than just their length.

When it comes to pants, joggers are like sweatpants’s more mature older brother—the one who’s gone off to college and gotten a job, but still comes home on weekends to hang out with the family.

They’re both comfortable and casual, but joggers are often made from better materials and have features like pockets, drawstrings, and elastic waistbands that make them easier to wear in public.


Are joggers still in style in 2024?

It’s 2024, and we’re still here!

Are Joggers Still In Style

We’re so excited to be in the midst of our fourth year of writing this column. We’ve seen so many trends come and go, and we’ve had so many questions about what’s in (and what’s out) that we had to write a whole article just about it!

So are joggers still in style? Well, that depends on who you ask. Some people think they’ve never gone out of style—they’ve always been there for us when we needed them. Others think the trend is long gone, but it’ll never die. And then there are those who think they’re kind of cool but not really their thing—but they don’t mind seeing them around if other people want to wear them.

To see how these trends have changed over time, take a look at this chart:

Are Joggers Still In Style

Joggers are still in style.

We know, we know: it’s hard to believe. It’s been a tough few years for joggers, but they’re back in full force! The recent uptick in popularity has been driven largely by the UK and US markets, but there are signs that this trend is spreading across Europe and Asia as well.

Jogger pants were first popularized in 2020, when they were used by celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner. They were seen as a way for people who wanted super-casual comfort but didn’t feel like putting on actual sweatpants (or just didn’t have any) to still feel comfortable while going out. At the time, they were considered an alternative to leggings or jeans—not something you would wear every day, but something you could throw on if needed.

Are Joggers Still In Style

Since then, jogger pants have become more popular than ever before thanks to celebrities like Ariana Grande and Bella Hadid wearing them at public events. The public seems to love seeing their favorite stars wearing these pants—and now we’re seeing a whole new generation of people wearing them too!


5 reasons why are joggers still in style in 2024

Joggers are still in style in 2022 because they’re comfortable, easy to wear, and endlessly versatile.

Are Joggers Still In Style

1. Your joggers are super comfy! Whether you’re going to the gym or just hanging out at home, joggers are a great choice.

2. Your joggers are super easy to dress up or down. If you want to go casual, just throw on a t-shirt and sneakers—but if you want to get fancy, throw on some heels and wear them with a nice top or blouse!

3. Match everything! Black joggers can go with anything from jeans to dresses, so they’re perfect for when you don’t know what else to wear but still want something that looks good.

Are Joggers Still In Style

4. Your joggers offer easy access for any activity (from dancing at a concert to playing basketball). Whether you’re going somewhere active or just need quick access to your phone or wallet, joggers are always an option because they allow for easy movement without sacrificing style points!

5. Your joggers are classic! Joggers were popular in 2022 and they’ll still be popular in 2026. You can always rely on them being in style when all your other clothes go out of style (which they will).


7 Quick tips for wearing joggers in 2024

If you’re worried about how to wear joggers in 2024, we’ve got you covered!

Are Joggers Still In Style

With so many different styles of joggers available, you might feel like you have to commit to one type of look. But that’s not the case! There are actually a lot of ways you can incorporate joggers into your wardrobe, and we’re going to give you five tips for doing so.

1. If you’re going for an athletic look, consider wearing a hoodie or sweatshirt instead of a hoodie as an outer layer. This will make it look like you’ve just come off the court—and maybe even make people think about how fit you are?

2. If you’re looking for something more casual, try pairing your joggers with some comfy slippers and a t-shirt from college (but only if it’s from a really cool college). That way, everyone knows that even though your job might be stressful and all-consuming sometimes, at least there’s still room for fun in your life!

Are Joggers Still In Style

3. If you want to go back to school but don’t want people who know about this whole thing thinking about how much time has passed since then, just wear some kind of hat or headband over your hair so that it looks like you’re wearing a wig. Then people will think that you’re just trying to look younger and more hip, which is totally fine!

4. If you want to make it clear that you have no idea how to dress professionally but still want people to think that you do, just wear a suit with sneakers or some kind of casual shoes.

Are Joggers Still In Style

5. Make sure that when you wear this style of pants, they’re not too tight around the ankles; otherwise, they’ll make you look shorter than you really are and make it hard for other people to walk comfortably around you when they’re wearing shoes without heels (which is pretty much everyone else).

6. Try to avoid wearing them with a shirt tucked in; it’s more stylish to show off the waistband of your joggers over a plain t-shirt or tank top (and look extra comfortable).

7. Make sure your joggers fit well; don’t let them slide down too low on your hips or ride up too high on your waistline.

Are Joggers Still In Style


The bottom line is that joggers are still in style. As long as you’re not wearing them with socks, and you’re pairing them with the right shoes, it’s not hard to make your joggers look great.

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