Are Men’s Leather Jackets in Style in 2024 or 2025?

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We’ve been seeing a lot of men’s leather jackets in style lately, and we wanted to get a better idea of what’s going on with the trend.

So we asked our readers: Are men’s leather jackets in style in 2024 or 2025?

The answer? Yes! We received more than 1,000 different responses and they were all very enthusiastic about the future of men’s leather jackets. Here are some of our favorite responses:

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

Are men’s leather jackets in style in 2024 or 2025?

Here’s the deal: men’s leather jackets are timeless. If you’re looking to buy a new jacket, you can’t go wrong with a classic leather jacket. It’ll never go out of style.

Even if they’re not “in” this season, they’ll always be a great investment. If you’ve ever worn one of these classic pieces, you know what we mean—they’re comfortable, durable and look good on everyone!

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

The answers were all over the place!

“I think men’s leather jackets are going to be in style for a long time,” one reader wrote. “People love the look, and it’s a classic look that never goes out of style.”

“I think they’re still going to be in style,” another reader said. “But I think we might see more suede than leather soon.”

But some readers weren’t convinced that men’s leather jackets will remain on-trend. “I think they’ll go out of style sooner than later,” one reader said. “They’re great if you want to look like you’re from the 1920s, but nobody wants to look like they’re from the 1920s anymore.”

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

– I think so, but only if you’re an adult. You can’t wear them to school or work because they’ll be made of real leather and the smell will be too strong. Kids can get away with it, though!

– I feel like it depends on the style of jacket. If it’s a bomber or aviator, I think that’s cool. But if it’s just a regular one, no way!

– Definitely! They’re all over Instagram right now!


Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

Men’s leather jackets are still popular for a variety of reasons.

They’re versatile, stylish, and can be worn with practically anything—from jeans to dress pants and everything in between. They’re also incredibly durable and long-lasting, so they’ll never go out of style.

Here are five reasons why men’s leather jackets are still popular:

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

1. Versatility: Leather jackets are great for layering or wearing alone. They can be worn in any season, on any occasion, and look great no matter how you wear them!

2. Stylish: A well-cut leather jacket looks good on just about anyone! It doesn’t matter if you’re tall or short or thin or heavy—a well-fitting leather jacket will make you look amazing!

3. Durable: Leather jackets last for years—maybe even decades! You won’t need to keep buying new ones every few years like some other types of clothing might require from time to time (like cotton t-shirts).

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

4. Great Value: Leather jackets aren’t cheap by any means (they’re not supposed to be), but they do offer excellent value for your money because they last so long without fading away like other garments can over time (due to wear&tear from washing and from exposure to the elements).

5. Protection from the Elements: You might not think about it much when you’re wearing one, but leather jackets do a great job of protecting your body from wind and rain (depending on how thick they are).

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

5 Tips for buying men’s leather jackets for your boyfriend

1. Consider your boyfriend’s style.

Does he love to wear hats? Does he prefer something more conservative? Whatever his style, make sure that the jacket fits it. If you’re unsure, ask him what his favorite jacket is and why—he’ll probably give you a good idea of the kind of jacket he’d like to own.


2. Look for quality leather jackets for men.

You want a jacket that will last a long time, so make sure the leather is high-quality and thick enough to last through years of wear and tear.

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

3. Find a jacket with a good fit.

Get an idea of how big or small your boyfriend usually wears and then try on different sizes until you find one that fits both his personality and his body type well! You want it to be comfortable enough that he’ll actually want to wear it all the time—and not just when you’re forcing him out the door!


4. Get a jacket that matches his personality.

If your boyfriend is more of a casual guy, find a leather jacket in a lighter color or one with some subtle details like fringe or embroidery. If he’s more of an edgy punk rocker, opt for something dark and wild!

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

5. Consider buying him a motorcycle jacket instead of just any old leather jacket.

Motorcycle jackets are much more form-fitting than regular ones and have lots of pockets so he can keep all his stuff on him while riding around town!


7 quick tips for styling leather jackets for men

Leather jackets are a staple in any man’s wardrobe. They’re easy to wear and versatile, so it’s hard not to want one!

But let’s be real: leather jackets can be tricky to style. Here are five quick tips for styling your leather jacket that will help you look awesome every time:

1. Keep it simple—a good leather jacket should be the star of your outfit, not the accessory. If you have something else that catches your eye in a store, put the jacket back and get something else instead.

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

2. Don’t wear black shoes with a brown jacket unless there’s some other color involved—like black jeans or black pants. Otherwise, it looks like you just rolled out of bed and didn’t take the time to change your clothes before leaving home.

3. Don’t wear red or pink shirts under your leather jacket—it just looks weird and unflattering! Stick with neutral tones like white or light gray instead; they’ll help balance out the boldness of your jacket while still adding a touch of excitement at the same time!

4. Don’t wear too much jewelry; too many rings/bracelets/necklaces will compete with your outfit rather than complementing it (and yes, this includes watches). Try to keep your jewelry minimal and understated, so it doesn’t distract from the overall look.

Are Men's Leather Jackets in Style

5. Don’t wear a hat with your leather jacket—it’s kind of like wearing socks with sandals (which we all know is a fashion faux pas).

6. Layer it over a collared shirt or button-down to add a bit of polish to your look (or even over a suit jacket if you want to go full casual).

7. Keep in mind that leather jackets are relatively pricey, so don’t buy one until you’ve done some research on what style will work best for your body type and lifestyle!


Final words

In conclusion, men’s leather jackets are still in style. They’re a classic and timeless piece that you can wear for years to come. You can’t go wrong with a good leather jacket, so try one on today!



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