Are Sequin Dresses in Style or Out of Style In 2024?

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Are Sequin Dresses in Style or Out of Style In 2024?

Are sequin dresses still in style? If you’ve been following fashion trends, you might not be sure.

We’re here to help! In this post, we’ll answer the question “Are sequin dresses still in style?” and give you some reasons why they are. Plus, we’ll share some tips for how to buy and wear them well.

So put on your best glitter face mask, because we’re about to dive into the future of sequin dresses!


What is a sequin dress?

A sequin dress is a type of dress that is typically made of fabric that is covered in small, shiny, reflective discs.

These discs, known as sequins, are usually made of plastic or metal and come in a variety of colors and sizes. Sequin dresses can be found in a variety of styles, such as mini, short, midi, and long, and can be found in both formal and casual designs.

Sequin dresses are often used to make a statement and add a sparkly touch to any outfit.

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

Are Sequin Dresses Still in style in 2024?

Are Sequin Dresses Still in style in 2024?

If you’re like us, you’ve probably been wondering: are sequin dresses still a thing? It seems like they were so popular just a few years ago—and then they just disappeared.

Well, we were curious too. So we did some research and found out the answer!

It turns out that sequin dresses have been getting more and more popular for quite some time now. The trend started in 2009 when it came to Ireland and the UK, but it didn’t hit the US until around 2015. Since then, people have been wearing them everywhere from concerts to weddings and everything in between.

But don’t think this trend will go away anytime soon! We saw millions of pictures on Instagram and Pinterest of people wearing sequin dresses—and we know that there are plenty more where those came from!

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

Do sequin dresses make you look bigger?

Sequin dresses can sometimes create an illusion of making one look bigger because the shiny texture of the sequins can reflect light and draw attention to certain areas of the body. However, this effect can be minimized by choosing a sequin dress that fits well and flatters your body shape.

Additionally, the style of the dress can also have an impact on how it makes you look. For example, a fitted sequin dress may be more flattering than a loose-fitting one.

Ultimately, the effect of a sequin dress on your appearance will depend on a variety of factors, including the fit, style, and overall look of the dress, as well as your body shape and personal preferences.

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

Why Sequin Dresses are more popular in 2024?

Sequin Dresses are more popular in 2024 because it’s just a lot easier to wear them.

1. The first reason why sequin dresses are more popular in 2024 is because they’re so much more comfortable than other types of clothing. In previous years, people had to worry about how their clothes would fit, whether or not they were going to be too tight or too loose, and whether or not the material would stretch out over time. With sequin dresses, however, there’s no need to worry about any of that—the material is tight enough that you don’t have to worry about it being too loose or too tight, but it’s also soft enough that it won’t stretch out over time.

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

2. Additionally, another reason why sequin dresses are more popular in 2024 is because they’re so easy to clean! When people wore regular dresses in previous years, they had to be careful not to spill anything on them because otherwise they’d have a stain on their dress that wouldn’t go away easily—and sometimes stains wouldn’t go away at all! But with sequin dresses? No problem! If you spill something on your dress, all you have to do is wipe it off with a wet cloth and it’ll come right off! You don’t have to worry about stains on your dress at all, which means you can wear it more often without worrying about ruining it.

3. Sequin dresses come in every color of the rainbow! There’s literally a sequin dress out there for everyone, and chances are you’ll find one that fits your personality perfectly.

4. Sequins make you sparkle, which is always fun! Whether you want to feel like a princess or just want a little extra shine on your next date night, sequins can help bring out your inner glow (and they don’t cost much either).

5. They look great on everyone—everyone! The sequin trend has been around for a while now, and it continues to grow every year because people love how easy it is to find one that fits their personal style perfectly whether they’re tall or short and curvy or thin and athletic-looking like myself.”


Are Sequin Dresses in Style

Cons of wearing Sequin Dresses

Sequin dresses are the most fun you can have with your clothes on!

But they’re not without their drawbacks. Here are a few things to consider before you pull out that sparkly dress:

1. You’ll get glitter everywhere.

2. The sequins will get caught in your hair, which makes for a rough night of brushing out tangles.

3. If you’re wearing a floor-length sequin dress and accidentally trip over your heels, there’s no way you’ll be able to catch yourself before falling flat on your face—and those things hurt!


We’ve got you covered with these tips for buying sequin dresses for yourself.

1. When in doubt, go for the classic style. You can never go wrong with a little black dress—and it’s the perfect way to add some glitz and glamour to your wardrobe.

2. Make sure your shoes are on point before you buy a sequin dress! A solid pair of pumps or oxfords will always be a good match for a sequin dress.

3. Don’t forget about accessories! If you want to make sure that everyone notices that new sequin dress, accessorize it with a bold statement necklace or earrings to really stand out from the crowd.

4. If you’re not into color blocking, stick to one color per outfit so that it looks intentional instead of accidental (unless you’re going for an eclectic look).

5. Finally: be confident in what you wear! If you feel good in an outfit, then other people will notice how great it looks on you—and if people are talking about how good it looks on them, then they’ll probably say something nice about your clothes too!

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

5 quick tips for styling Sequin Dresses in 2024

1. Sequins are going to be everywhere this year, so get ready to wear them in every way: from tops and dresses to pants and accessories.

2. If you’re going for a more casual look, try pairing your sequin dress with some simple sneakers.

3. Sequin dresses are perfect for any occasion, so don’t be afraid to throw one on for a fun night out or even just as a statement piece when you’re running errands around town!

4. If you’re looking for something comfy and cozy yet still stylish, try pairing your sequin dress with a pair of leggings underneath for an extra layer of warmth during colder months or just as casual wear during warmer weather!

5. If you want to add some extra sparkle without wearing actual sequins (or if they’re too “fun” of an accessory), add some jewelry that has a similar aesthetic—like shiny metal pieces or even rhinestones!

Are Sequin Dresses in Style

Related Q&A:
Is it OK to wear a sequin dress to a wedding?

In general, it is acceptable to wear a sequin dress to a wedding as long as the dress is not too flashy or attention-grabbing. It is important to consider the formality of the wedding and the dress code specified by the couple.

If the wedding is black tie or formal, a sequin dress can be a great choice, especially if it is paired with elegant accessories and shoes.

However, if the wedding is more casual or if the couple has requested that guests dress in a certain way, it is best to choose a more appropriate outfit.

Additionally, it is a good idea to avoid wearing white or any other color that may be too similar to the bride’s dress.

Ultimately, the key is to choose a dress that is stylish, appropriate, and makes you feel confident and comfortable.


Is it OK to wear sequins during the day?

Wearing sequins during the day is generally acceptable, although it can depend on the specific occasion and the overall look of the outfit. I have seen many people incorporate sequins into their daytime outfits, especially during the holiday season or for special events like brunches or birthday parties.

One way to make sequins work for daytime is to balance them with more casual pieces, such as a denim jacket, a plain t-shirt or a pair of sneakers. This creates a fun and playful look that is appropriate for a more casual setting. Another way to wear sequins during the day is to choose more subtle, muted sequins in earthy tones or pastels, which can make the overall look more understated.

Ultimately, the key is to wear sequins in a way that feels appropriate for the occasion and that makes you feel confident and comfortable. With the right styling and a bit of confidence, there is no reason why you can’t wear sequins during the day.


Final words:

Sequin dresses are still in style in 2024, but they’ve evolved.

You can find a sequin dress that fits with your personality and style, whether you want to go the classic route or try something new.

Whether you’re looking for something sparkly and fun or something more demure and elegant, there’s a sequin dress out there for you.

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