Are Skinny Jeans still in Style in 2024 for Guys?-Detailed Expert Answer

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There’s a lot of talk about denim in the fashion world these days.

In a world where people are becoming increasingly aware of their clothing choices and the environmental impact they have, we’re seeing more focus on sustainable and ethical clothing. Jeans are no exception.

You may have heard about skinny jeans for men, but what about now? Are skinny jeans still in style in 2024 for guys?

We’ve taken a look at popular brands like Levi’s and Gap to see what they’re offering. There’s a lot to consider!


Skinny jeans: still in style?

We’re not going to lie—we were pretty worried about how skinny jeans would hold up after the 2020s. They were so popular for such a long time, and then suddenly, they just weren’t. We thought that was it for the skinny jean!

Let’s see the data from Google Trends:

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Skinny jeans are being worn more and more frequently in recent years, but how popular are they actually?

We decided to look at the data and find out.

First, we analyzed Google Trends data to see how popular skinny jeans were in various countries. The results showed that they were most popular among women in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, United States, South Africa and Canada.

We also looked at how long skinny jeans have been trending. The graph below shows that they’ve been trending since 2004 (though they only started becoming popular around 2010).


How About Guys?

But then we saw some guys wearing them again—and we got excited!

But are skinny jeans still in style for men in 2024? Or should you go for something different?

The answer is: Skinny jeans are also popular among men! But a little bit less popular than women’s skinny jeans.

Let’s see the evidence below.

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Skinny jeans were a big trend for men in the early 2010s, but it seems like they’ve been phased out.

We took a look at Google Trends data and found that searches for “skinny jeans” peaked in 2013 and then began to decline steadily.

The countries where skinny jeans are most popular include the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, South Africa, and the Philippines.

Some answers from jeans brands:

We’ve been seeing Skinny Jeans for men all over the place, including big eCommerce sites like and, which carry thousands of different styles of men’s Skinny Jeans.

And if you’re looking for a more affordable option, you can always check out your local department stores—we’ve seen tons of popular brands like Levi’s and Gap selling Skinny Jeans for guys.

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Why are skinny jeans still in style for men?

If you’re a guy, then you know what skinny jeans are. If not, let me explain.

Skinny jeans are pants that are cut very close to the body. They’re tight around the legs and they taper towards the ankle.

It’s easy to think that skinny jeans went out of style after the 90s, but they didn’t—they just took on new forms.

In this section, I’ll be talking about five reasons why skinny jeans are still in style for men today.

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Men’s Skinny Jeans Are A Fashion Statement

Skinny jeans can be worn in many ways and with many different types of clothing.

Men can wear them with hoodies, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and even suits!

This makes them a great fashion statement for any guy who wants to look good while staying comfortable at the same time.


Skinny Jeans Make You Look Taller And More Muscular

If you’re tall or muscular then skinny jeans will make your body look even longer and more impressive than before!

When wearing slim-fitting pants like these it’s important that you wear shoes with heels or platforms so that your feet don’t look shorter than usual!

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for men

Your Jeans can be worn with almost anything!

When it comes to wearing skinny jeans, there’s no such thing as mixing up styles too much—you can pretty much pair them with anything from casual sneakers to dress shoes without looking like an idiot!

Just make sure that whatever shoes you’re wearing go with the rest of your outfit (and vice versa).

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Skinny Jeans look good on just about any guy who wears them properly (which is important).

If you wear them too baggy or too tight then they won’t flatter your figure at all – but if you get your sizing just right then they can really make your legs look amazing!

Just remember to keep them hemmed above the ankle though!

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Your Skinny Jeans are comfortable!

Most guys don’t like to feel constricted when they’re wearing pants so skinny jeans are the perfect choice for comfort and style.


5 tips for wearing Skinny Jeans for guys

If you’re a guy with slim legs, skinny jeans might seem like a great choice for you.

You can get them in all the right styles and colors, and they’ll fit like a glove.

However, there are some things you should know before you buy your first pair.

1. Color matters!

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

Darker colors look better on slim legs than lighter ones do.

If you have dark skin, black will work well with your complexion; if not, try navy blue or gray instead—they’ll still look sleek without being too bold.


2. The rise matters!

Slimmer cuts tend to have higher rises than other jeans.

If you don’t want to show off too much leg when you sit down (or stand up), opt for a lower cut instead of going super-skinny—it’ll keep things looking more balanced overall!

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

3. Don’t skimp on quality!

If a pair seems cheap or flimsy in any way, they probably won’t last long enough to justify their price tag—especially if they’re meant to be worn often!

Make sure they feel sturdy enough to hold up under heavy use while still looking good enough that no one will notice how many washes they’ve gone through (because trust us: there will be many).


4. Try them on!

It’s easy to fall in love with a pair of jeans when you’re shopping online, but it’s not always the best idea.

Even if they fit well in the store, they might not feel quite right once you get home and try them on again—so make sure to test them out for size and comfort before committing!

Are Skinny Jeans still in Style for Guys

5. Try a few different styles.

Whether you’re looking for skinny, slim or straight-leg jeans, there are tons of different cuts to choose from.

Try on a few pairs in different styles so you can find a fit that suits your body type best!


Final words:

Skinny jeans for men are definitely still in style for 2024.

Skinny jeans are a classic look that’s always going to have a place in our hearts, and we’re glad to see that they’re still so popular.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post, and if you have any more questions about trends in fashion or what’s hot right now, feel free to reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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