How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down Again

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If you’re rocking low-rise jeans, you know full well that they can be a huge pain.

Not only do they not fit correctly, but they also tend to slip and slide around on your body.

That’s why it’s important to keep them up and in place—but how exactly?

In this article, we’ll show you some different ways you can prevent your pants from falling down while still looking good.

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1. Keep your weight stable

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

If you have trouble keeping your low-rise jeans up, it may be because you’re losing weight.

Losing or gaining weight can cause your body to change in ways that make it more difficult to keep your pants up.

The best way to prevent this problem is to maintain a stable weight by avoiding yo-yo dieting, eating healthy foods and taking regular exercise classes.

Another factor that can cause low-rise jeans to slide down is if the waistband of your pants isn’t tight enough around your hips.

If this is the case, a tailor can take in the waistline of your jeans for free or for about $10-$15 dollars at most tailors and dry cleaners (depending on where you live).


2. Wear your favorite belt.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

If you want to wear a belt, choose one that’s the same color as your jeans and shoes.

This will help keep them from falling down as much, since the eye is drawn to similar hues when paired together in clothing combinations.

The same goes for choosing a shirt and watch—if you’re wearing dark blue jeans with black shoes, for example, then choose a darker colored belt and watchband so that they match up seamlessly with the rest of the outfit (in this case: black)


3. Choose jeans with stretch.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

  • Choose jeans with stretch. If you’re buying a new pair of low-rise jeans, look for ones that have some stretch in them. These will be easier to pull up and more comfortable as they sit against your body, but they also have the added benefit of being more flattering: no one wants to wear a pair of saggy pants!
  • Look for stretchy fabrics like cotton/elastane blends or spandex. In addition to having more give than a traditional denim fabric, these materials can breathe better, making them ideal for hot weather and long days at work or school.
  • Don’t forget about other types of clothing. If you don’t want to spend money on new jeans all the time but want something with similar qualities (like breathability), consider adding a cotton-blend tank top into your wardrobe; it may not replace your regular wardrobe staples, but it can help keep things feeling fresh!


4. Use the safety pins

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

Safety pins are a great way to keep your low-rise jeans from falling down. Here’s how:

  • Use safety pins to attach the front and back of your high-waisted jeans together in an X shape. The X should run straight up the front of your body and cross over itself at the hipbones; it should look like two pandas holding hands at the wrists in an adorable embrace (it’s not as cute, but hopefully you can get what we’re going for).
  • Once you’ve pinned these together, make sure that they’re secure by tugging at them until they feel snug against your body—but don’t pull too hard! Pinching yourself hurts a lot more than getting some extra material around those hips.
  • Take off those pants immediately; do not walk around with them on for any reason whatsoever (except maybe if it’s cold outside—then just put a sweater over them). You won’t be able to avoid pinching yourself, but at least no one else will know about it!


5. Buy the right size

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

The right size is the perfect fit.

You’ll feel comfortable and confident in your pants, so you can focus on everything else going on around you.

You may be tempted to buy a smaller size than normal because low-rise jeans are supposed to be tighter than regular jeans, but they should still fit comfortably.

If they’re too tight, they’ll fall down no matter what else you do!

If the waistband of your low-rise jeans is loose and gapes at the back or front when fastened, then they’re probably too big for you—try a smaller size instead.


6. Wear super low-rise jeans only when you need to show off your waistline.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

If you are going to be sitting down for a long time, or if you will be bending over a lot, low-rise jeans might not be the best option.

You may not want to wear your super low-rise jeans if it is hot outside and will likely get sweaty.

It’s important to remember that these pants are supposed to show off your waistline, but they shouldn’t be worn when they can potentially expose too much skin at the top of your thighs.

When in doubt, choose another pair of denim that fits higher on the hips!


7. Pick fitted jeans over loose ones.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

The right fit is important for all clothing, but especially so for low-rise jeans. They should be tight enough to stay where you want them and loose enough to not pinch or squeeze.

If you’re wearing the wrong size—too big or too small—you won’t look good, feel good, and probably won’t be confident either.

You will likely also have a problem with your jeans falling down at some point during the day because they weren’t made to conform to your body type in exactly the right way without being too snug or too loose!

Different brands have different waist sizes ranging from 28 inches all the way up through 46 inches depending on brand and style (and even within one brand there can be variations).

When trying on jeans, start by looking at their sizing chart online if they have one available before shopping in person so that you’ll know which size works best for your body type before trying anything else on from there


8. Make adjustments to the size and/or length of your jeans if needed.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

  • If your jeans are too long, take them to a tailor and have them hemmed up.
  • If the rise on your jeans is too high or low, you can have a tailor adjust the waistline of your jeans so that they fit better.
  • If the waistline on your jeans is too tight, try loosening it by one or two inches. This may sound like a lot, but when done correctly it will make all the difference in how well-fitting and comfortable they are.


9. Use petals or other products as an interim solution until you can stop by the tailor.

How To Keep Low-rise Jeans From Falling Down

If you’d like to use a petal or other product as an interim solution, there are several things you should know:

  • How to put it on. First, slip the petal between your pants and underwear. Then, pull up your jeans until they’re in the appropriate position on your waist and hips. You may need to adjust the height of your jeans so that they don’t hang too low; once they’re in place, check again while standing up straight with good posture.
  • How to keep it in place. When choosing what type of petal or product you would like to buy, choose one that has an elastic band sewn into it as well as a plastic clasp (or at least two clasps). This will make sure that no matter how much movement occurs during the day (which can cause some discomfort), these devices stay firmly attached without slipping down off their intended locations!

Also remember: Not only are these important when wearing low-rise jeans but also when wearing any kind of panty hose under them too!


10. When all else fails, go for something that fits properly.

Keeping your low-rise jeans up may be a challenge, but it doesn’t have to be. Here are the most tried-and-true tips we’ve found:

  • Take care of your body and your skin. Keep in mind that just because you’re wearing low-rise jeans doesn’t mean you can start neglecting yourself! Take care of yourself and make sure your skin is clean, moisturized and healthy. If you know that certain areas of your body are prone to being tugged at when you sit down, take extra care there by using undergarments designed for this purpose (like Spanx).
  • Choose clothes that fit properly. While some people find low-rise jeans flattering on their bodies because they accentuate curves or make them appear slimmer, if they don’t fit well then they look sloppy instead. Choose clothes that fit well so they don’t sag or pull awkwardly when worn with a belt—a good tailor can help with this problem if necessary!
  • Wear comfortable clothing no matter what it looks like; especially if it’s something new! Remember that how clothes feel is just as important as how they look; many people find themselves feeling uncomfortable in new outfits simply because they’re not used to wearing them yet! This goes double for any type of underwear too–if there’s an itchiness factor involved then do whatever possible about it before going out into public looking uncomfortable AND potentially exposing yourself through tight pants/shorts or skirts without underwear underneath…which leads me into my next suggestion…



We hope we’ve provided you with enough information to make sure that your low-rise jeans don’t fall down.

If you follow the tips and tricks that we discussed, then you should be able to wear your favorite pair of jeans (no matter what size or length) without having them slip off your waistline!

If all else fails though and they still won’t stay up on their own, then go ahead and take them to a tailor who can help out with any adjustments needed.

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