A Quick Guide How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

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I don’t know about you, but I am a huge fan of cuffed jeans. There’s something so cool and casual about them, and they’re a great alternative to sneakers if you want to dress down an otherwise smart outfit.

But when it comes to pairing your cuffed jeans with sneakers, things can get tricky—especially if you’re not used to wearing them! So how do we manage this trend?

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about wearing cuffed jeans with sneakers: from choosing the right fit for your ankles to matching socks and shoes together.

And trust me—by the end of this post you’ll be able to pair any pair of pants with any sneaker in your closet.


1. Don’t tuck your jeans into your socks.

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

The first rule of wearing cuffed jeans with sneakers is that you don’t tuck them into your socks.

You can wear them any other way (rolled, unrolled), but not tucked into your socks.

The second rule is that the jeans should be worn at the ankle and not above or below it.

In order to maintain this look, you need to make sure that the bottom of your pant leg isn’t too long for the sneaker you choose.

You also want something that doesn’t have a lot of excess fabric hanging around because it will make everything look bulky.


2. Socks should match your shoes.

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

Socks can be a fun way to add personal style to your outfit, but they should match your shoes.

Match the color of your socks to the color of your shoes, their material to the material of your shoes and their pattern if there is one.


3. Make sure you still have enough leg to turn up.

While you can wear cuffed jeans with sneakers, there are several things to keep in mind.


First, make sure that your ankle will still show when you turn up the cuffs of your denim. If it doesn’t show at all, then it’s not really worth wearing as a cuff because they won’t be visible anyway!

If your ankles are showing through when worn casually or with dress shoes (depending on how high-waisted they are), then this is a good length for you to aim for when pairing them with sneakers.

If your ankles aren’t showing through but you would still like them to be seen when wearing sneakers, try going slightly shorter than what we suggest above: maybe around 8″ from where the hem meets the top of shoe sole (so about 4″ above where laces start).


4. Pick a cuff width that suits the hem on your jeans.

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

Next, it’s time to match your cuff width with the hem on your jeans. There are two main options: a wider cuff that extends past the ankle or a narrower one that doesn’t.

A wide cuff has more volume and is best for jeans with a higher rise (the distance from the waistband to where they hit you when you’re standing).

A narrower cuff works well with denim styles that feature a lower waist, like straight leg or even low-rise pairs.

If you aren’t sure which type would look best on you, choose one and try it out; then make any necessary adjustments!


5. Start with the length

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

Cuffed jeans are the perfect way to wear sneakers, but you need to make sure the length is right. Y

ou don’t want them too long that they can only be worn with heels, and you don’t want them too short that they look like capri pants when tucked in.

If your jeans are baggy, it’s okay if they come down past your ankle as this will create a more casual look.

If your jeans fit well around the waist area then go ahead and turn up the cuff at least an inch or two before hemming them up so they look fitted on your legs without being tight.


6. Find a cuff that works for you

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

Once you’ve chosen your sneakers, the next step is to choose a cuff that works for you.

While this may seem like a difficult decision, there are actually many factors that will help make it simple.

First of all, if you’re short and have short legs then go for a narrow cuff; if you’re tall and have long legs then go for a wider cuff; if you are in between then choose something medium.

For example: if I’m wearing sneakers with cuffs and want them to look like they were made specifically for me (and they were), I would select an ankle length jeans (with no hem) or even cut off my jeans at my ankles so that they would properly fit my feet.

The second thing I would do is try different styles of cuffs! You can find just about any style nowadays ranging anywhere from small 1″ loops all the way up to 4″ wide ones—or even none at all depending on how much flare-up those sneakers need!


7. Decide on your sneaker style

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

As with all sneaker styling, you need to make sure that your sneakers are clean, simple and not too bulky.

Your sneakers should also be in a neutral color (black or white) so that they don’t compete with the jeans.

To add some contrast, I would go for a low-profile style of sneakers—a high-top sneaker will make it look like you’re trying too hard!

To finish off my outfit I went with some classic dark blue jeans and white sneakers.

The mint-colored socks match the mint patch on my jeans perfectly but also keep things interesting by adding an unexpected pop of color to this otherwise monochrome outfit.


8. Wear cuffed jeans with a basic tee and sneakers.

How To Wear Cuffed Jeans With Sneakers

To go with the casual vibe of your sneakers, pair them with a basic white tee and black cuffed jeans.

They’ll look like you’re ready to hit up the park or play some hoops on your lunch break, even if you’re actually staying in for the whole day.

To keep it interesting, add some accessories like a backpack and scarf for extra flair.

The backpack adds an element of function while also adding texture to your outfit—plus it makes carrying around all your stuff way easier!

The scarf is perfect because it’s lightweight enough not to be bulky but still keeps things stylishly warm (and hides any potential sweat stains).



There are so many ways to wear cuffed jeans, and it can be hard to know where to start.

But if you’re going for a casual look, then we recommend starting with sneakers and a simple tee.

This outfit is easy-breezy and looks great on all body types—if you want it slightly more polished, try adding a blazer or cardigan over your top half!

We hope this helped clarify some of the different options available for those looking for inspiration when it comes time for them next outfit decision.

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