A Quick Guide on How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

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I’ve been a fan of jeggings for a long time, but it’s always been more of an autumn/winter wardrobe staple.

I’m not the kind of person who wants to wear sweatpants year-round (though some people do!), but in the summer months, I feel like jeggings are more appropriate than ever.

They pair perfectly with loose-fitting tops and dresses–but what about layering? Well, here are some tips on how to layer your jeggings this summer:


Let me answer this question for my reader.

Can You wear jeggings in the summer?

Yes! You can wear jeggings in the summer.

The key is to make sure they’re breathable and made of a lightweight material.

I recommend cotton, linen, or any other fabric that will keep you cool while still looking chic.

It’s also important to make sure your jeggings are not too tight—you want them to be comfortable, but they shouldn’t restrict your movement.


1. Layer atop a pair of jeggings with a loose-fitting, lightweight tank or tee.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

You can also layer atop a pair of jeggings with a loose-fitting, lightweight tank or tee.

While this look is great for summer, it will work year-round by simply swapping out the layering pieces.

For example, you could swap out that tank for a long sleeve t-shirt and add some boots to complete the look. Just remember: don’t be afraid to play around!


2. Tuck in your tops for summer street-style chic.

If you want to show off your jeggings, the only way to do it is with a tucked in top.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

Tucking in your tops will make your waist look smaller and give you more shape, which is great for summer street-style chic.

Tuck in your tops for summer street style chic by wearing a shirt that’s fitted at the bottom and loose at the top (think: a graphic tee) with jeans or jeggings.

You can also tuck in loose-fitting button-down shirts or even wrap dresses if they have enough structure.

If you’re going to be wearing shoes with thick soles like platforms or boots, it might be better to wear an untucked blouse so that they won’t get caught on anything while walking around town!


3. Make sure your shoes are appropriate for the weather.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

While you can wear jeggings in the summer, it’s important to make sure that your shoes are appropriate for the weather.

You wouldn’t wear flip-flops in winter and you probably don’t want to be doing so now either.

If you’re going for a dressy look, keep that in mind when selecting your footwear—don’t pair them with heels or sandals.

Sneakers are okay for rainy days but not so much if it’s hot out there (you’ll end up all sweaty).


4. Wear cropped jeggings with flowy tops.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

Jeggings are a great way to show off your legs, shoes, shirt and accessories.

You can wear jeggings with everything from dresses to long-sleeve tees and tops.

You can even wear them in the wintertime by pairing them with tights!


5. Slip into some cute sandals.

If you’re wearing a pair of jeggings, then matching them with the right shoes is key.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

If you want to show off that fabulous figure, then go for some cute sandals or strappy heels. If you want something more casual and comfortable (and if it’s hot), then slip on a pair of flip-flops or slip-ons.

What color should they be? The answer is simple: whatever color matches your outfit best! But if all else fails, black always works well no matter what else you’re wearing.

As far as materials are concerned, leather shoes will look especially good with jeggings because they tend to have an edgy feel that matches up well with jeans; however, don’t worry if leather isn’t your thing—there are plenty of other options available in different materials such as suede or fabric pumps (which would also look great!).


6. Add a structured piece like a blazer to keep it polished.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

Here’s another way to dress up your outfit: Add a structured piece like a blazer.

Blazers are great because they keep everything looking polished and professional, but they also add some extra weight, so you can wear them in the heat without sweating too much.


7. Stick with a darker wash.

This tip is especially important for those of us who have trouble with our bodies sweating in the summer heat.

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

Darker colors are more flattering on the body than light ones, which tend to show sweat and make you look bulkier than you really are.

Also, darker shades like black or navy blue aren’t just plain practical: they’re versatile enough to be worn at night or day and don’t clash with any season’s wardrobe.

If you’re looking for something that will make your legs look even longer while also showing off your curves without being too revealing (and therefore hot), jeggings are a great option!


8. Shows off your shirt!

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

Jeggings are meant to be worn with a shirt.

They’re not supposed to be worn on their own, and they should never be worn without at least one accessory (like a necklace or scarf).

The reason for this is that jeggings can make you look more masculine than feminine if you don’t have the right top in place.


9. Layer up!

How To Wear Jeggings In The Summer

If you’re looking for a quick way to add a layer, but don’t want the bulk of jeans or sweatpants, jeggings are your friend!

They offer the same weight as denim and can be worn with the same amount of formality.

If you’re not quite ready to wear them as pants yet, try wearing them over leggings or under shorts.



If you are still unsure about how to wear jeggings in the summer, just remember that layering is key!

You can use a tank top underneath your jeggings and then layer on some lightweight sweaters or blazers. If you want more coverage, try tucking in your shirts.

You can also add some cute sandals or sneakers for a little bit of extra comfort when wearing your pants outside. These tips will help you keep cool while looking stylish this season!

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