How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

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If you’re a fan of ripped jeans but hate the thought of showing off skin, you can still wear them without having to feel self-conscious.

You just need to follow these tips for how to wear ripped jeans without showing skin:


1. Choose ripped jeans that are frayed, not shredded.

Ripped jeans can be a stylish and comfortable way to wear your favorite jeans.

But, some people may not realize that there’s a difference between frayed and shredded denim.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

When shopping for ripped jeans, you will notice that many have frayed edges and others are shredded. Frayed denim is simply when the edges of the jeans have been cut slightly unevenly (not by design).

You will see small pieces hanging off the bottom hemline or cuffs that are still attached to the material.

The size of these pieces depends on how much material was cut off during production processes like washing or stretching out the fabric in order to make it fit better on your body type.

If you have ever noticed this as you were taking off your pants after wearing them all day long then this is likely what happened!

On the other hand, shredded denim refers specifically to how much material has been removed from each seam so far as an intentional design choice rather than just normal wear-and-tear over time due to stress points along seams caused by bending over while sitting down at work etc..


2. Wear a pair of really dark, skinny ripped jeans with an oversized dress shirt.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

You can also choose to wear a long-sleeve tee under an oversized dress shirt.

Wearing dark-colored ripped jeans is best, as it will help hide any skin that may show through the holes in your jeans.

You can also choose to wear a pair of really dark, skinny ripped jeans with an oversized dress shirt.

The collar of the dress shirt should come up high enough to cover any bare skin on your arms without feeling too tight or constricting; this way you won’t have any issues while sitting down and moving around!

If you want something more casual, try wearing a pair of light wash denim shorts with a fitted tee instead—the contrast will look great against your darker top layers!


3. Wear ripped jeans with a long-sleeve tee under a short-sleeve cardigan.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

The solution? A long-sleeve tee. It’ll keep your arms covered, and it’s easily added to any outfit—no matter how you wear your ripped jeans.

If the weather is warm enough, try pairing a short-sleeve cardigan with a pair of denim shorts in the summertime.

If you’re going for something more seasonal, try layering a long-sleeve button-down under a chunky knit sweater or hoodie in the winter months.

You can even layer another long sleeve shirt over that one for added warmth if needed!


4. Layer up with a longer tee.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

If you’re not worried about showing a little skin, then the easiest way to wear ripped jeans is simply by layering up.

A t-shirt or longer sweater underneath will cover your butt and provide some coverage, which can be especially useful if it’s cold outside and you want to avoid freezing your butt off.

Tuck in your shirt (or button up a flannel) so that it stays put while walking down the street or sitting on public transportation.

When layering, don’t go overboard; three layers is usually enough.

Keep in mind that loose-fitting coats will look bulky when worn over long sleeves—better to keep them at home unless they’re very thin!


5. Pair your jeans with a tunic sweater or top.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

Next, you’ll want to pair your jeans with a tunic sweater or top.

This is a great way to cover up your skin without having to wear leggings!

If you look at how I’m styled here, my tee is tucked in under my ripped denim and looks like it would be comfortable enough to wear during the day.

If that isn’t your thing, try pairing them with a tunic sweater or top instead of a t-shirt.

This will give similar coverage as long as the fabric on both pieces isn’t too rough against each other (I recommend trying on different fabrics before deciding).


6. Look for high-rise styles.

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

If you’re worried about showing skin, look for high-rise styles that are higher on the waist.

This offers more coverage, especially for women with a larger waist. High-waisted jeans also tend to have more fabric around the crotch area and thighs, which can help hide any rips or holes in your jeans.

Ripped jeans are already edgy enough—you don’t need to add any extra flashiness to them with jewelry or accessories!

Just go easy on print patterns and bright colors too; they might clash with your ripped areas if they’re too bold (like in my case above).


7. Wear them with a flowing blouse

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

Ripped jeans are a great way to show off your personal style and add some edge to your wardrobe.

They’re also versatile enough that you can wear them with just about anything, but be careful when pairing them with a blouse.

If you want to wear ripped jeans without showing skin and/or looking trashy, choose a long and loose blouse that is not too low cut. The wider the hemline of the blouse, the better it will balance out the tightness of your pants.

You also want to make sure that there isn’t any cleavage showing—the last thing anyone wants is for their shirt collar or cleavage line to be visible above their jeans!

In addition, keep in mind how short or long your top should be based on what type of body shape you have: if you have an hourglass figure then go for something shorter; if not then opt for something longer instead so as not to expose unwanted bare skin from underneath (like midriff).


Main Take Away!

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

Wear a longer shirt to cover the skin. This is probably the easiest way to make sure that you don’t show any skin when you wear your ripped jeans. If you have long hair, simply attach it at the nape of your neck with bobby pins and keep it out of your face while wearing them.

Another option would be wearing high-waisted pants or shorts under your ripped jeans, which will help hide any visible skin.

If that doesn’t work for some reason (maybe because it’s too hot out or maybe their legs are simply too scrawny), choose a higher-rise style instead! It may be harder for women who are shorter than five feet tall (or so says a former high school classmate of mine who used to joke about how “short people can’t wear anything above mid-rise). But for anyone else, higher rises offer more coverage even if they’re super skinny like me! The added benefit? You can still see some of those cool tears in between each panel–no need for full-on destruction here!

How To Wear Ripped Jeans Without Showing Your Skin

Look for more frayed than shredded jeans! A lot of people tend not to realize this but there’s actually a difference between these two types: fraying happens naturally over time due to wear and tear whereas shredding requires premeditated design elements like razor blades along seams etcetera.”



So there you have it! We hope that you’re feeling more confident about rocking your ripped jeans.

Remember, while they might not work for everyone, there are so many different ways to wear them without showing skin or looking too casual.

You can use these tips to create a unique look that works for you and your body type (and makes the most of your curves!) So go ahead—go forth and rock those jeans with confidence!

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