How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period (In A Emergency)

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Hey, girl. You know that crampy feeling in your gut? The one that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a heating pad and some popcorn?

Yeah, well that’s a lot like having your period—except it’s not.

That’s because when you have your period, there are certain things you have to do to make sure everything works fine down there.

Your uterus is flushing out blood from deep inside it and sending it through your vagina so that it can pass out of your body as waste material.

And while this process is completely natural (and happens every month), there are still some things you can do to make sure everything goes smoothly!


1. Wear a tampon.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

If you are not a fan of pads, and don’t want to deal with the mess of a menstrual cup, tampons are an easy way to wear white shorts on your period.

There’s no need to worry about shifting around bulky pads, or changing them every few hours.

Tampons are also great for heavy flow days—and they can be worn up to 8 hours (depending on how heavy your flow is).

They’re super easy to use: just open up the applicator, slide it into place in your vagina (don’t forget this step!), remove it after insertion, and dispose of it properly. If you want an even easier option that doesn’t require any insertion at all? Try using menstrual cups instead!

Tampons work really well during exercise too—you can get yourself sweaty without worrying about leaks or stains.


2. Pick a pair of white shorts that aren’t see through.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

There are several factors to consider when choosing your white shorts.

First and foremost, the fabric must be opaque.

You don’t want to be wearing underwear on the outside of your pants, so make sure they’re not see through if you can help it.

If you’re going with loose-fitting shorts that flare out at the bottom (think high school), ensure that they’re not too long in proportion to their length—you don’t want to look like a skater girl who finally got her period for the first time in 10th grade!


3. Wear underwear with patterns on them.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

If you wear white underwear, it’s going to show through your clothes.

This isn’t always a bad thing—if you’re wearing a really cute patterned pair of panties, then that can look great.

But if your white underwear is plain and boring, then it will be hard to pull off this look because the first thing people will notice is that they’re see-through!

So if you want to do this right on your period, try wearing patterned panties instead!


4. If you have to wear underwear, make sure it’s dark and not stretchy.

White cotton briefs, boy shorts, or boxer briefs are your best bet for comfort and absorbency.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

That way you can wear them for a few days in a row without worrying about leaks.

Of course, if you don’t mind going commando (and have the confidence to do so), feel free to do that instead!

If you’re worried about having an accident while wearing white underwear on your period, it’s important to buy enough pairs so that you don’t run out during the day—especially if it’s particularly heavy or long-lasting (like mine).

You might also want to check out underwear with waterproof lining if this is something that concerns you; these are especially good for those who plan on spending time in water during their period.

Try these options from Always Discreet or Kotex Secure-Flex Tampons:

  • Always Discreet – Maximum Coverage Collection – Full Briefs with Wings – Ultimate Protection (10 Count)
  • Kotex Secure-Flex Tampons 80 count

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

5. If you have to wear underwear, buy some specifically for your period.

Menstrual underwear is designed to be more absorbent than regular underwear and will help keep you feeling dry and comfortable all day.

It’s also made with materials that are soft and breathable so that you can wear them without feeling like a sweaty mess by the end of the day.


6. Wear a pad inside your white shorts.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

If you are going to wear a pad or tampon, make sure it is thin and not bulky.

Try to use a pad that isn’t too long, and use one that has a sticky strip on its back so it stays in place.

Choose a pad that isn’t too wide, either; this will help prevent any messes from being visible through your shorts.

Finally, try to use a thin pad if you can so they don’t show as much when viewed from the front (if this is an issue for you).


7. Tuck the pad into your white shorts by hand.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

Tuck the pad into your white shorts by hand. If you’re wearing underwear, make sure it’s dark and not stretchy.

If you have to wear underwear (because it’s too short or something), buy some specifically for your period.

If you don’t have anything else on hand, just tuck the pad inside of your white shorts by hand. It’ll be fine!


8. Wear flowy white tops or ones that are long enough to cover the shorts.

Wear flowy white tops or ones that are long enough to cover the shorts.

If you have an especially long top, you can even fold it over like a skirt, so that the shorts don’t show at all.

This will make your outfit more comfortable and chic, as well as more period-friendly!


9. Pull a special pocket for the pad into the side of your shorts.

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

If you have a pocketed pad, fold it in half lengthwise and then place it in the pocket. Pull the elastic at the top of your shorts to bring the pocket closer to your body. Secure it with a safety pin if necessary.

Once you’ve placed your pad in its special pocket, insert it into your underwear by reaching between your legs (yes, this can be awkward).

Slide one side of the folded pad up toward the top of your underwear so that there isn’t any risk of leakage on either side and pull down any extra material that may be sticking out from under them (you should be able to tell if there is or isn’t by looking at how much fabric is visible at either end).

You can then pull on these pants normally!

When removing a used tampon or menstrual cup from between two layers of clothing such as white shorts during a period: Hold onto both sides from where they exit through whatever part of their underwear is showing above (or below) where they are currently inserted; Pull back toward yourself slightly so that each side comes out separately rather than leaving behind all those tiny fibers again; Discard properly according to your specific product’s instructions; and, Wash your hands.


10. Be prepared in case of an emergency!

How To Wear White Shorts On Your Period

To ensure that your menstrual flow doesn’t ruin your shorts, you should keep a tampon with you at all times. (If you’re using an IUD, skip this step.)

If the pad method works for you and is more comfortable, great!

Just make sure to wear dark underwear so that no one can tell there’s anything going on.

If it’s warm out and if it looks like there might be a chance of rain, it’s best to have both a tampon and a pad in your purse.

That way, if the weather changes while you’re out running errands or having fun at the beach or whatever else life has planned for us on any given day—including our periods!—we’ll be prepared with backup options just in case we need them.

For extra security during those prime summer months when white shorts are everywhere (and let’s be real here: they literally always have been), consider wearing flowy white tops or ones that are long enough to cover up all visible parts of your outfit while still being stylish as heck.

This will give added protection against any potential leaks from below without obscuring how cute that top really is underneath everything else.

If you’re like me, you probably don’t want to be bothered with putting on a pad or tampon and then having it show through your clothes.

I mean, what’s the point? If we’re going to be wearing white shorts in the summer months, let’s embrace them for what they are: a fashion statement that says “I’m cool enough not to care about stains.”



So there you have it! Everything you need to know about how to wear white shorts on your period.

While this may seem like a daunting task, just remember that it’s not just about what clothing looks good-it’s also about your comfort level.

And if that means wearing an outfit that feels more comfortable for you, then by all means do so!

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