7 Quick Tips for Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

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If you’re getting married and need to wear a suit, no problem! Just make sure you’re decked out in chinos and a blazer.

Chinos are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing for weddings and other events where dress codes are enforced.

They can be worn with anything from casual shirts to smart-casual sweaters, making them a great option if you don’t want to buy multiple suits for different occasions.

However, if you’re going for this look then there are some important things to keep in mind when selecting your chinos and blazer combo:

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

1. The style of your chinos is just as important as the colour.

As well as the colour of your chinos, there are several other factors to consider. First and foremost, the style of your chinos is just as important as their colour. You want to find a pair that fits you well and makes you feel comfortable in them – especially if you’re going to be sitting down or standing around for long periods of time.

If they don’t fit right, they’ll make you look out-of-place in a room full of people dressed in smart clothes rather than adding another layer to your outfit.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

Don’t forget about considering the colour scheme of any wedding party or theme when choosing what type/style of chino should go best with your blazer!

For example: if it’s an autumnal wedding then perhaps consider wearing darker tones such as navy blue whilst also keeping things simple by opting for plain styles without too many embellishments.

Lastly but not leastly (I was going for “lastly” but then thought “lest” had more flair…) whilst I’m no fashion expert myself I would strongly recommend trying some different styles until finding one that really suits both yourself personally AND compliments whichever kind(s) will be showing up at said event(s).


2. When choosing a blazer colour, consider the colour of your chinos and the wedding colour scheme.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

The colour of your blazer is also important. If you have a navy pair of chinos and a pink shirt, a navy or charcoal blazer would be a good choice.

The same idea applies to the colour of your tie: think about how it will look with your outfit in general. For example, if your tie is blue and you’re wearing it with white chinos and a navy shirt, then going for something like an olive or tan-coloured blazer would work well in terms of contrast (olive/tan is opposite on the colour wheel from blue).

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

Colours can complement each other as well as contrast; for example if you’re wearing brown trousers with a burgundy shirt at an autumn wedding then perhaps go for something like cream or grey instead of black so that they don’t compete too much.


3. Your chinos and blazer are just one part of the outfit equation.

Ultimately, your chinos and blazer combo is just one part of the outfit equation. It’s important to consider what else you’re wearing, as well as the weather, venue and occasion. All these things will affect how formal or casual your ensemble needs to be.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

For example: if it’s a black tie wedding in an elegant ballroom at night but it’s also 100 degrees outside, then maybe you should reconsider wearing your chinos (or just wear them without socks).

If it’s midday on a Saturday at a venue with no air conditioning and there are only two other people who attended in full suits and ties (both men), then maybe you should reconsider wearing shorts (or just wear them with suspenders).

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

Even if everything else about what you’re wearing is perfect for this occasion—your shoes are polished enough for the dance floor; your shirt fits well under that tailored jacket; even those “green” pants have been pressed nicely—if one piece feels off (like those baggy pants), then all eyes will go straight to that spot first when they see you walk in.


4. Choose a blazer that fits correctly to avoid any potential style mishaps during the night.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

You want to choose a blazer that fits correctly so you don’t look out of place at the wedding. The blazer should fit well and not be too long or short, and it should be comfortable and not too tight or baggy.

For example: You wouldn’t want to wear a really long jacket with chinos because it would make your legs look shorter than they are; conversely, if you’re on the shorter side of average height (or just have short legs), then wearing a long jacket over pants could make your legs look even shorter than they actually are.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

Similarly, if you have broad shoulders but small arms (or vice versa), then wearing a suit jacket with no shirt underneath will probably make things appear disproportionate.

The best way to tell whether or not something actually fits properly is by trying it on in person rather than ordering online—many people tend towards vanity sizing when it comes down clothing size anyway! If possible try on both sizes before deciding which one works best for you—some stores may even offer free exchanges if need be!


5. When it comes to pattern, let one item take centre stage – not both!

As a general rule, it’s best not to wear too many patterns. You can always add another pattern piece or two, but if you’re worried about looking like a walking quilt, keep the number of patterns in your outfit under control.

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

For example: say you have a blue and white chambray shirt and a navy blazer with a floral lining (like we do).

In this case, it might be tempting to think that mixing all three patterns would work well together since they contrast so much. But keep in mind that there are two other pieces in our outfit – our pants and tie!

These items will also have their own patterning on them and may look strange when paired with each other if they all come from different sources of inspiration.

To avoid this problem completely (and save yourself from having to choose between individual pieces), pick one focal point for your outfit—in our case above we chose the blazer—and let everything else complement it instead of compete against it!


6. You don’t need to wear chino trousers with your blazer, opt for shorts or jeans instead!

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

Chinos look great with a blazer, but you don’t need to wear them together.

Short and long shorts are fine too, as are jeans. Just make sure the jeans fit properly and aren’t too baggy – it looks much smarter if they are slim-fitting or tailored (as opposed to ‘flared’ or ‘skinny’).

And remember: it’s not just about what you wear – how you wear it is equally important. The key to looking smart in shorts/jeans is simple: avoid wearing anything else that might distract from the outfit – like lots of jewellery!


7. If you really want to be bold with your chinos and blazer combo, try wearing clashing colours!

Wearing Chinos And Blazer To A Wedding

If you really want to be bold with your chinos and blazer combo, try wearing clashing colours!

Clashing colours is not something that’s done often, but it can make for a very unique look.

It’s important to keep in mind that when two colours clash together, they don’t necessarily match. Instead, they should complement each other.

This means that if one of your outfits is navy blue and white striped shirts (like those shown above), then you would want to wear a different navy blue shirt or skirt with your blazer so that the colour complements each other.



Don’t be afraid to experiment with your chinos and blazer combo, we promise it will pay off! If you’re looking for more inspiration then why not check out our Pinterest page for some more style tips?

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