When Did Mom Jeans Became Popular Again?+Interesting History

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You can’t walk through a mall without seeing a mom wearing them, and you can’t scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing a celebrity wearing them.

The question is: when did mom jeans become popular again?

In this article, we’ll take a close look at the history of mom jeans and how they became so popular in 2018.


When did mom jeans become popular again?

when did mom jeans became popular again

Mom jeans were a huge trend in 2018, but now they’re back again.

But why? Why mom jeans?

The answer lies in the fact that they’re comfortable, and they’re easy to wear.

They don’t look like mom jeans! They look like regular jeans, just a little bit looser than the skinny jeans we’ve been wearing for so many years.

They’re not super tight or anything, but they are perfect if you want to look stylish without feeling like you’re trying too hard (which we all know is impossible).

Moms have been wearing these pants for years because it’s easier to move around in them—they don’t restrict your movement at all.

But now that we’re all older and wiser (and maybe even have kids of our own), we’ve realized how useful mom jeans are for everyday life!



Learn about the mom jean history

when did mom jeans became popular again

Mom jeans have been a part of the fashion scene for decades, and they continue to be popular among women today.

Mom jeans are made from denim or cotton, with a relaxed fit and comfortable feel. They’re also typically high-waisted, which can make them look like you’re wearing your mom’s old pants (which is why this style is also called “mom” jeans).

If you love the look and feel of mom jeans but want something more stylish than your favorite pair from college—or if you’re just getting into fashion—check out our history timeline below!


1961- Mom jeans are born when Levi Strauss launches their Lady Levi’s Jeans.

when did mom jeans became popular again

The first pair of mom jeans were made in 1961 by Levi Strauss.

They were called Levi’s Lady Levi’s Jeans, and they were the first jeans for women.

Levi’s was actually the very first company to make jeans for women.

The original idea came from a company employee who thought they could make a lot more money if they sold different sizes than just one size fits all that men wear.

The employee was right; it did turn out to be lucrative!

when did mom jeans became popular again

1970s – Lee Cooper launches the Lady Jeans, the first ever jeans with a zip fly and darts.

Lee Cooper was a British clothing brand that launched the Lady Jeans, the first ever jeans with a zip fly and darts.

Prior to this innovation, women had been wearing jeans for years but they were always baggy.

The Lady Jeans were tailored to fit more closely and featured a flattering silhouette that was much more similar to men’s trousers than women’s traditional loose-fitting jeans.

when did mom jeans became popular again

1983 – American Eagle Outfitters launches a mom jean style with an adjustable waist.

What do American Eagle Outfitters and mom jeans have in common? In 1983, they were both introduced to the world.

Before AE brought its line of adjustable-waist mom jeans to market, denim was generally shaped by waist size alone. But with its new style (which became known as “AE Mom Jeans”), you could choose from four different sizes: small, medium, large or extra large. The brand also offered different lengths for your adjustments—choose short if you wanted a capri-length look or long if you preferred something more like boot-cut jeans.

The company’s innovation was such a hit that other brands quickly followed suit; soon everyone from Levi’s to Calvin Klein was offering their own versions of this new style.(1) And while the trend did eventually fade away in 2000s’ fashion culture—in part due to its association with moms—it still lives on today in popular culture references like Gilmore Girls.


1989-1991 – Gloria Vanderbilt introduces the Amanda style, these are still worn all over the world even today.

In 1989, Gloria Vanderbilt introduced the Amanda jeans.

This was a style of denim that she designed herself, and it quickly became very popular among women all over the world.

In fact, many women still wear this style today!

when did mom jeans became popular again

1998 – The Olsen Twins launch their tween brand and have a mom jean section on their website.

In 1998, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen launched their tween fashion brand The Row and had a section on the brand’s website dedicated to mom jeans.

The twins have been known for their love of mom jeans ever since they were in high school, but the pair took it one step further by designing a pair of denim pants that were modeled on the classic style.

While these pants were not available for purchase on their website at first, you can still find them today!

People across the world continue to wear these mom jeans because they’re super flattering and comfortable!


2006 – Kate Moss is spotted wearing a wax coated pair of jeans.

Kate Moss is a British fashion model and the ultimate waif.

With her long, lanky figure and tousled blonde hair, she’s been making waves in the fashion world for over 30 years now.

It was Moss who first sported mom jeans in 2006, when she wore a pair of wax coated denim to a party.

The unusual choice put her on trend as others began to emulate her style – but it wasn’t until 2011 that they reached their peak popularity.

when did mom jeans became popular again

2009 – Diesel launches the Jogg Jeans featuring 4 way stretch denim which is like jogging pants, but looks like jeans. For their launch campaign they had stars such as Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese, and Courtney Love modeling them.

The Jogg Jeans are the first jeans to feature 4 way stretch denim.

You can move freely and comfortably in them like you would with jogging pants, but they look like jeans.

They have a zipper fly and button closure, which makes them easy to put on and take off.

Diesel has been known for its innovative advertising campaigns, so it’s no surprise that they featured the Jogg Jeans in their launch campaign where stars such as Lady Gaga, Dita Von Teese and Courtney Love were photographed wearing them


2013 – Topshop partners with blogger Taylor Tomasi Hill for a line of mom jeans called Taylor Tomasi Hill x Topshop.

In 2013, Taylor Tomasi Hill launched a line of mom jeans called Taylor Tomasi Hill x Topshop.

The collection was created in partnership with the British retail company Topshop and features a variety of styles—including high-rise and low-rise, skinny and bootcut—in cotton denim in various shades of blue, black, gray and white.



So there you have it, the full history of mom jeans.

It’s been a long road to get here and I think we can all agree that these pants are here to stay.

They might not be for everyone but if you like them then by all means keep wearing them!

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