Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down Again And Again?

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Low-rise jeans. They’re everywhere, and they’re just as exciting as they are controversial.

Some people love them, some people hate them—and then there’s the third camp: the ones that are totally baffled by low-rise jeans in general.

But why? What makes low-rise jeans so weird? And more importantly (for this article), why do low-rise jeans fall down? Ask yourself the 7 questions below:


Are they too big?

If you are buying low-rise jeans and have never worn them before, make sure that they are not too big.

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

Low-rise jeans tend to be on the looser side and they can fall down if they are too big. If you buy pants in one size larger than what you normally wear, then this is probably not an issue for you.

It’s best to try them on in person when possible, as opposed to purchasing online with only a few measurements available—that way if something doesn’t fit correctly, there will be no surprises!

If your pants do fit correctly but still fall down after sitting down or bending over (especially in public), then one possible cause is that the rise is too short for your body type.

This can happen if a brand has changed their sizing over time without updating their product descriptions or keeping track of changes made during manufacturing processes; it also happens sometimes when people accidentally order size “28/30″ instead of “28/32″ even though they wanted low-rise because they didn’t check carefully enough (or even at all).

If none of these things seem right yet…


Were they ever a good fit?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

It’s easy to think that your favorite jeans are just too worn out or too old to be worn again, but if they were a good fit in the past and you still have them, there’s a good chance they’ll be a good fit again.

Even if the elastic waistband is stretched out and the fabric has faded, you can get them back into shape by simply washing them with cold water and hanging them up to dry.

If this doesn’t work for you (the denim is too thin), try using an old pair of jeans as an undergarment for your new ones.

The added layer will give your new pants more support in all areas.



Is the waistband too flimsy?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

If your waistband is too flimsy, it won’t be able to hold your pants up. But many of you have no idea how wide or long a strong enough waistband should be.

The good news is that I can tell you exactly how wide and long each type of denim pant must have in order to keep its wearer properly covered:

Low-rise jeans – 15cm wide at the sides and 22cm long at center front Medium-rise jeans – 12cm wide at the sides and 20cm long at center front .


Are your hips lower than your waist?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

If your hips are lower than your waist, you may want to try a higher rise.

A higher rise will mean that the jeans sit higher up on your natural curves, and they’re less likely to fall down.

However, don’t buy jeans that are too high; if they’re too tight around the hips and legs, they’ll still be uncomfortable in the crotch area and make you feel like you’re wearing granny pants.


Do you have a bumpy stomach?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

  • If you have a bumpy stomach and low-rise jeans keep falling down, try wearing a belt.
  • Do you like the way your hips look? If so, try a different brand of jeans. Some brands tend to fit differently than others due to the different materials they use or their manufacturing processes. The same style in two different brands may fit completely differently on your body because of these differences. To find out which brand works best for you (and whether or not there is one), try them all! They are not that expensive!
  • Do some yoga poses with your clothes on before getting dressed for work each day and make sure that they don’t move around too much while doing them—if they do, then maybe it’s time to get some new clothes!


How old are they?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

Jeans can stretch and lose their shape over time, so if your jeans are older than a year or two, they may not fit as well.

As the fabric stretches it becomes loose around the waistband and legs. They also might become baggy in the knees and thighs because of this stretching.

If you’re still unsure about how old your jeans are (or if you have never worn them before), try this test: grab a handful at both ends of one leg seam on each side; if there’s minimal give between your fingers when pinching together then chances are good that they are newer than 2 years old, but probably not as new as 1 year old (unless they’re brand new).

If you have tried all these tips but still need help with keeping up with those low-rise jeans falling down while wearing them I would suggest checking out our other article titled How To Wear Low Rise Jeans Without Them Falling Down which goes into more detail about what causes low rise pants to fall down while wearing them and how to fix it!


Have elastic bands gone missing?

Why Do Your Low-rise Jeans Fall Down

If you’ve tried all the above solutions, but your low-rise jeans still seem to be falling down, don’t let it get you down.

It could be that your elastic bands have gone missing! If you can’t find replacements for those missing bands (and it’s a good idea to check the label), there are two things you can try:

  • Using safety pins to hold up your jeans
  • Sewing in new ones



Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of why your jeans are falling down.

If you’re a guy who is tired of constantly having to pull up your pants, it might be time to check out higher-rise jeans.

If you feel like they’re too tight around your legs and butt, try going with a looser fit instead. You could also try sizing up in order to get the right fit

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