Are True Religion Jeans Still in Style In 2024or In 2025?

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True religion jeans have been a fashion staple for decades now.

Is it true that their popularity shows no signs of slowing down?

Are they still in style in 2024?

We’re here to answer your burning questions about true religion jeans—and if they’re still in style or not.


About true religion jeans

True Religion jeans are a favorite among celebrities and fans, alike.

This brand has been known to have a lot of different styles and colors.


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True Religion Jeans are known for their quality, comfortable fit, and unique designs.

True Religion jeans come in many different colors and styles including skinny jeans, straight-leg jeans, boot-cut jeans, skinny ankle jeans, flared-leg jeans and boyfriend jeans.

Some other styles include distressed denim or ripped denim that can be customized to your liking.

You can also find a variety of patterns like floral prints or animal print patterns as well as different washes such as dark wash or light wash depending on what you prefer.

True Religion jeans are handcrafted in the United States which makes them an investment piece because they will last longer than many other brands on the market today.

The production process takes place in California where each pair is hand cut from start to finish by skilled craftsmen who specialize in denim manufacturing techniques such as chain stitch hemming and reinforced stitching throughout seams for added durability during wear over time.”


Are True Religion Jeans Still in Style In 2024?

True Religion jeans are a favorite among celebrities, but what about in 2024?


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True Religion jeans were created by Paul Wall in 2002 and were originally sold at Nordstrom. The brand is known for its expensive denim, which can be found in over 300 stores across the world. True Religion has also expanded into other clothing lines such as dresses and jackets.

The popularity of True Religion has been declining over the past few years, but it’s still on trend with certain styles and celebrities. We’ll take a look at how the brand’s popularity has changed over time and whether or not it will still be popular in 2024.

True Religion’s Popularity Has Slipped Since 2010. See the data below.

Are True Religion Jeans Still in Style

In our 2019 survey of American adults conducted by YouGov, we asked people if they’ve ever heard of True Religion. Only 9% said they had heard of the brand before participating in our survey—a decrease from 16% who said they’d heard of True Religion back in 2015 (our first year running this study). In fact, since then interest has dropped every year: 11% had heard of True Religion in 2016; 8% had heard of it in 2017; 6% had heard of it in 2018.

The brand’s popularity has clearly declined.

Another way to assess the company’s popularity is to look at how many Americans have actually tried on True Religion jeans in the past few years. We asked people if they’ve ever tried on a pair of True Religion jeans and, if so, whether or not they liked them.


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In recent years, True Religion has been struggling to stay relevant. They are still producing great quality jeans, but they just aren’t as popular as they once were.

It’s possible that True Religion could make a comeback in 2024, but it seems unlikely at this point. It’s more likely that True Religion will continue to be a niche brand for people who love their style and don’t mind paying a little bit extra for high-quality denim.


What is so special about True Religion jeans?

We know what you’re thinking: True Religion jeans are just a bunch of overpriced denim.

But we want to tell you why they’re not.


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First of all, the quality is incredible. They’re made in America, and they use only the finest materials available.

Second, they fit like a glove. That’s because they have an amazing design team that pays attention to every detail—the fit, the rise (or how high your pants sit on your waist), and even how they look when you walk (they make sure they aren’t too tight around the bottom).

Third, they have a great story behind them: the founder is actually a former member of the Hells Angels motorcycle gang! His name is Jeff Lubell and he started his company in 2002 with just $1 million dollars from his wife’s divorce settlement. Now he has more than $2 billion dollars in revenue each year!

Finally, they have an amazing customer service team that is always there to help you with any problem. The company has a satisfaction guarantee and will even refund your money if you aren’t happy with your purchase!


We’ve got some tips to help you wear True Religion jeans in 2024!

1. Try a cropped version. One of the best things about True Religion is that you can find their signature styles in various lengths: regular, short, and long. If you want to wear them with heels or boots this holiday season, try a cropped pair instead of a full-length pair so that you don’t have to hem them yourself.


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2. Pair with an oversized sweater or jacket for extra warmth—these guys are made for cold weather!

3. Wear them with flats to keep your look casual—if heels are not your thing (or if you don’t want to deal with breaking in new shoes), go for flats instead! This way it will be easy to walk around all day without pain or discomfort while still staying warm enough outside during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing degrees Fahrenheit here in Northern California where we live at our headquarters

4. Wear them with booties or heels for a more polished look—these boots are perfect for pairing with heels or booties!

5. Don’t wear them when it’s really hot outside—they don’t breathe well at all! Stick with denim on days when it’s not too hot or cold out (and use an umbrella if it’s raining).

6. Don’t wear them when you’re doing any kind of physical activity—they aren’t made for that kind of thing! You’ll end up with holes in them before long if you do. And definitely don’t wear them when washing your car or mowing the lawn—those activities can cause damage to even the sturdiest pair of jeans.


Final words

We hope that this guide has been helpful in answering your questions about whether or not True Religion jeans are still in style.

We can’t predict the future, but we do know that if you’re looking for a pair of jeans that will look great and last you for years to come, then True Religion may be a good choice.

You can also get them at a lower price than they were when they first hit the market!

If you have any other questions about whether these jeans are still in style, please leave them in the comments section below or via social media.

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