How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

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It’s winter, and I’m sick of wearing jeans. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to wear cropped wide-leg pants in winter.

I love the look of a cropped pant with a loose sweater tucked in at the waist (and a pair of cute boots), but its also totally fine if you want to go sleeveless or add some accessories like a scarf or hat—it all works!

If you haven’t worn these pants before, now’s your chance to try them out!


Embrace bold patterns

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

When it comes to winter, you’ll find that many of your favorite patterns can be a little too bold for the season. But fear not!

For example, this sweater from The Limited is patterned all over with bright white dots on a navy background.


Choose a wide leg style that fits your body type

Now that you know about the different types of wide leg pants, it’s time to pick a pair that fits your body type.

If you’re curvy, stick to a style that has a fitted waistband so it won’t hang off your hips.

If you’re petite, opt for cropped wide leg pants that hit right below the ankle.

When it comes to color, try mixing black and white together on one pair or going with one solid color for an easy look.

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

Crop the pants to fit your height

  • Choose pants that fit your height. It’s important to find pants that are the right length, whether they’re cropped or full-length. If you go too long, your outfit won’t look balanced and it will make you look shorter than you actually are (and this can be especially true for petite women). Conversely, if you go too short, the cropped style can make it appear as though there’s something missing from the bottom half of your outfit—and again, this can be particularly noticeable on shorter people.
  • Don’t choose pants that are too tight or loose. When trying on cropped wide leg pants for winter weather, remember that these styles were made with a looser fit in mind—they don’t have any stretch and therefore shouldn’t be snug around the waistband or ankles (or anywhere else). In fact, fit should always be at least comfortable; otherwise it might feel like there’s no give when moving around all day long!


Pick a pair of cropped wide-leg pants that are made of a thicker fabric

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

If you’re worried about the cold, or if you want to wear cropped wide-leg pants in winter but are unsure whether they’ll be warm enough, then pick a pair of pants that is made of a thicker fabric.

Examples of these include wool and corduroy.

These fabrics are insulating, meaning that they trap warmth inside them which keeps your body temperature high even when outside temperatures are low.

If you have some great cropped wide-leg pants already but aren’t sure what to do with them in wintertime—consider picking up one or two pairs of new ones made from these types of materials!


Layer up

For a longer leg line, layer your cropped wide leg pants with a pair of tall boots. This combination will make you look taller and more slender while still keeping your legs warm and cozy.

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

You can also wear them with ankle boots or flats if you’re looking for something more casual.

Depending on how cold it is outside, it may be necessary to layer up underneath your jacket or sweater.

If this is the case, opt for an oversized knit sweater that comes down past your hips to keep yourself warm during these winter months!

And don’t forget about accessories! Knit scarves are perfect for wrapping around several times to ensure maximum coverage against any weather condition—from sunburns in summer to snowfall in winter months!

Other great options include hats (especially beanies), gloves/mittens, tall socks and tights/leggings under whatever else might be covering up those legs from head-to-toe during these colder seasons.


Wear them with a short jacket or cardigan

A great way to wear cropped wide leg pants in winter is to pair them with a short jacket or cardigan.

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

The length of the jacket should be shorter than your pants—this will help elongate your legs and make you appear taller.

When choosing this look, think about what top you’re going to wear underneath.

For example, if you want a more casual feel then a simple tee or tank top would work well paired with cropped wide leg pants and a short jacket or cardigan.

If you’re looking for something more polished then try pairing them with a long-sleeved blouse instead!

You can also mix it up by wearing longer tops such as tunics or dresses over cropped jackets in order create balance between both sides of an outfit (top vs bottom).

This will give the wearer more options when styling their outfit according to their personal style preferences while still maintaining an overall sense of balance between both sides


Consider the shoes

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

When it comes to shoes, the possibilities are endless. You can wear just about any type of shoe with your cropped wide leg pants, but some will work better than others.

  • Consider comfort and practicality: The first thing you want to do is make sure that your shoes are comfortable and practical. This means they should be made of a material that allows air circulation (for example leather), or have enough padding to keep you warm (for example wool). You also need to consider how high or low they go on the ankle, as this will affect how your pant leg looks when it’s tucked in or out.
  • Match styles: When matching styles within an outfit, keep in mind that different colors and textures complement one another better than contrasting ones do—so stick with similar colors for all three pieces: pants/skirt; shirt/blouse; jacket/coat; scarf/hat; belt buckle/shoe buckle). For example, if I were wearing blue jeans instead of black ones and then paired them with an olive green shirt instead of white one then my outfit would look mismatched because those two colors don’t go together well at all!


Try different looks with different tops and accessories

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

One of the best things about wearing cropped wide leg pants is that you can try so many different looks with them.

Try pairing your cropped wide leg pants with different tops and accessories for a new look every time.

Try different tops, like a tank top or sweater, or wear a crop top under your cropped wide leg pants for a fun look!

You can also add some heels to your outfit to make it even more stylish. If you don’t want to go completely barefoot in winter (which is totally fine), try some booties instead.

You can also add accessories like earrings and necklaces to complete the look of any outfit.

Hair styles are another great way to mix up how you wear this trend this winter season—try braiding in some cornrows like Ariana Grande did at her latest concert!

Makeup looks are another great option here; just keep in mind that once again it’s important not to overdo it because too much makeup can be unflattering on anyone no matter what clothing item they’re wearing at the moment.”

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter

Choose Warm Colors

Warm colors like reds, oranges, and yellows are ideal for wintertime because they create the illusion of warmth without making you feel overheated.

You can also find tights in these colors if you want them to match perfectly with your outfit!


Go For Cozy Materials

Another way to ensure that your outfit will be comfortable during winter months is by choosing cozy materials like wool or fleece for your tops and bottoms; these materials will trap heat well so that you don’t feel cold from windy conditions outside!

How To Wear Cropped Wide Leg Pants In Winter


There are so many ways you can wear cropped wide leg pants in winter, and the best part is that you can mix up the style to fit your personal taste. Whether it’s a pair of plain black pants or a colorful patterned pair, we hope these tips will help guide you in finding the perfect style for yourself!

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